How to Clean Gaming Chair Easily? [A Proper Guide]

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Gaming chairs are very famous these days, and there is currently a wide variety available on offer in the market. These are chairs that offer the best comfort to spend the best moments of playing PC games. However, you must consider that, you need a proper way of cleaning your gaming chair. In this article, we will describe 7 necessary steps so that you can learn how to clean gaming chair.

Cleaning your chair often turns out to be a necessary chore since dirt can damage and worsen the quality of this essential gaming tool. So, to be able to enjoy your chair in its entire splendor, you can follow some basic steps to leave it as new – without shortening its lifespan. So, buckle up guy because we are about to take a tour at the crucial steps.

Learn How to Clean Gaming Chair?

Step 1: Armrest, frame, and base

These three parts happen to be the most important things you should clean since they are the places that are most in contact with the person that uses the chair.

So, you must give them a proper cleaning. At the same time you must choose the materials with which you are going to clean them, to avoid damaging the surface.

You should know that it’s not necessary to open the zipper on the seat cover of any racing chair. Remember that the objective is to provide adequate cleaning to the surface of the chair, so it is not necessary to open this type of zipper.

To apply this step correctly, use a clean cloth with warm water and a mild detergent to wash the surface. Then with the help of another soft clean cloth, continue to dry the surface.

In this step, it is important not to use any abrasive kitchen cleaner or solvent.

Step 2: Watch out for PU leather

Leather needs proper cleaning since we are talking about a relatively special material different from other fabrics. So, you should start by dusting the leather routinely. You can use a thick woven microfiber cloth for this.

After removing the dust from the leather, you can continue cleaning the surface. To do it gently, you can take a non-abrasive sponge and apply a mild liquid detergent or soap solution along with warm water.

This way, you can extend the life of this type of leather, and therefore enjoy a gaming chair in good condition for much longer.

Step 3: Cleaning PVC leather

This type of leather is also one of the most common types. However, it also requires particular care, if you do not want to damage this material anywhere.

In this case, you should routinely, or from time to time, dust this type of material with the help of a soft microfiber cloth. Preventing the accumulation of dust in this type of material also allows you to prevent a permanent layer of dust from forming.

Once you have dusted off the leather, continue cleaning the surface next to the back. For that, you can use a cloth and apply a solution of mild liquid detergent and warm water. Then you simply need to rinse the surface with water.

It is important to know that at all times; you should not use cleaning solutions and apply them to dry PVC leather.

Step 4: Taking care of the fabric

This step is one of the simplest of the entire procedure, although you should be able to do it only once in a while and get by. It’s not necessary to repeat it very often.

You can start by vacuuming the backrest next to the fabric chair seat. For this step, you simply need to have a fabric brush. It is really convenient and you can carry out this step from time to time, to avoid accumulating dust and other dirt.

Also, you should rub the fabric gently with an appropriate brush. To get the proper result, you should consider using a brush with soft bristles, so as not to damage the fabric. This way you can remove dirty stains off your chair.

Step 5: Now it’s the mesh’s turn

Now it’s time to continue to take care of the mesh of your chair. You can start by vacuuming as much dirt as you can, and just like the rest of the steps, you should do it regularly.

You should only use warm soapy water to remove the remaining dirt. You can also use a stain cleaner and gently rub stubborn stains. It is important not to scrub or rub too hard.

Step 6: Finally, the casters

It is quite common for the wheels to accumulate debris and hair. These dirt are difficult to remove and at the same time produce an impair movement of the chair. To apply proper cleaning, turn the chair back into a firm position first.

Use a certain crack tool from a vacuum cleaner to remove debris trapped inside. Then, with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth, along with a surface cleaner, remove the dirt that is on the outside of the wheels.

Finally, you can clean the wheels with the help of a cotton ball and alcohol. The narrow parts of the wheels can be cleaned with alcohol and cotton swabs.

Step 7: Enjoy your new chair

From this point on, you will be able to enjoy a gaming chair that will be like new. By performing these steps every now and then (that is, at least once a month), you can extend the life of this great tool that every real player uses.

Additional considerations

Additionally, you can follow a series of extra steps to further improve applied maintenance. By tightening the screws and bolts in your chair, you can ensure stability and comfort.

If you have white lithium grease or a product similar to WD-40, then it is highly recommended that you apply these lubricants to each of the screws from time to time. This will certainly allow you to reduce the squeak that your chair could make.

The whole procedure has some very simple steps, which any gamer can apply on his/her chair. So just by sparing a few minutes every day, you can have a chair that stays new and continue enjoying your PC game.

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