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Many air gunners keep the Crosman  Benjamin 392 rifle that they purchased from many decades ago. That air rifles still shoot perfectly, has big power and are in good condition. Many shooters are expecting the same great quality from this new Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Pump Air rifle. However, does it offer the same quality as the older model?

So, please, read our Benjamin 392 review!

Crosman Benjamin 392 review Bolt Action – variable multi pump air rifle

Benjamin 392S .22-Caliber Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle, Black
  • New, All-weather synthetic Stock and fore grip
  • Monte Carlo styling
  • Variable pump delivers 500-800 FPS
  • Rifled barrel and cross bolt safety
  • Fully adjustable rear sight

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TypePowerplant pneumatic multi pump pneumatic rifle
BarrelRifled brass
Pellet VelocityUp to 685 FPS
Velocity of alloy pelletsUp to 800 FPS
Weight5.5 lbs
Overall length36.75 inches
MechanismThe mechanism of the action
Scope railNone
TriggerTwo stages, non-adjustable
StockAmerican Hardwood

This variable pump air rifle is ideal for target shooting. It’s 22 caliber, excellent accuracy, big power and low recoil make it an excellent hunting rifle. This air rifle can also be used to exterminate pests in your home. The only thing we would suggest is to keep your shots to 30 yards. The.22 pellet can arc and make it difficult to see in longer distances. To maintain a flat pellet trajectory, a air gun with more FPE is necessary if you intend to consistently take down small game beyond 50 yards.

The Crosman Benjamin 392 bolt action Multi pump pneumatic Air Rifle’s overall performance is exceptional for its price. It will amaze even the most experienced marksman.

It outperforms other air rifles in the same price range in accuracy, power and precision. This multi pump air rifle is at the top our list of best all-rounders under $250.

This powerful multi pump air rifle is a hard hitting weapon that will deliver. Rifle can drive a.22 cartridge hard enough to take down any squirrel or raccoon at 40 yards. The practice target can be hit with enough force to make an impact at 50+ yards. This air rifle will hit the target every time you use it with a decent scope.

Pros & Cons

  • Multi-pump gun Stock of hardwood that is reliable and long-lasting Amazing Monte Carlo design Brass barrels are useful Pellet loading is easy Medium velocity A good sight Amazing knockdown power High accuracy Maintenance is minimal Reasonable price There is little recoil Made in the USA
  • No scope rail Shooters with weak arms have difficulty pump action Very loud Pumping can sometimes be a tedious task.

Crosman Benjamin 392 Guntype

This air gun is multi-pump pneumatic. The Crosman Benjamin 392 is a 22 caliber (5.5 millimeter). You can only shoot one shot at a given time because it is single-shot. You have control over what type of pellets you want to shoot with the air gun.

The break barrel is rifled. A barrel that has been rifled makes the bullet spin. The spin stabilizes the pellet, improves accuracy, and increases target shooting range. The barrel is also made from brass, an alloy of copper and zinc. The brass barrel is more resistant to corrosion than a steel one, and it doesn’t rust as easily. A brass barrel can help your air gun last years.


crosman benjamin 392 .22 sight

Crosman Benjamin 392’s stock is made from American hardwood, which can withstand shocks, loads and impacts daily. Hardwood can also be easily refinished at any time, which gives it a long life expectancy for your rifle.

To make pumping easier, the stock has a swelling portion in its foregrip. The Benjamin 392 stock also features a Monte Carlo stock with a raised comb, and a low heel.

Monte Carlo stock offers many advantages, including:

Accuracy is improved because the sight and the eyes of the shooter are aligned more naturally.
Resorb a small amount.
Allow for a faster follow-up shot.


Crosman Benjamin 392 rifle uses only.22 pellet, that weighs more and is larger than the.177 pellet. Although it doesn’t have the same velocity as the.177 pellet (800 fps), it is much more stable on the way to the target.

Air rifle is also very powerful and can kill an animal in one shot. The.22 pellet is a favorite choice for small game hunting.

Pumping and Loading

crosman benjamin 392 .22 stock

Variable pump the air rifle:

You first need to secure the air gun.
One hand should be used to grip the stock. The other hand should be used to lift the forearm up until the stock stops.
To complete the one-pump, return your forearm to its original position.
Multi Pump at least three pumps, but not more than eight.
You could endanger your air gun by over-pumping it.
Once you become comfortable with it, you will be able to do it without second thoughts.
Multi Pump at least three pumps, but not more than eight.
To maintain the seal and ensure it lasts years, you must always have one variable pump in your air rifle after you’re done target shooting.
You could endanger your air gun by over-pumping it.
You could endanger your air gun by over-pumping it.

How to load the pellet:

To load the pellet, you must first place the air gun on the safe. Next, push the bolt handle upwards and pull it backwards to release the bolt action.
Place the pellet in the loading port with the pellet’s nose facing forward.
Move the bolt handle forward to its final position.
You can lock the air rifle by pulling the handle down. Air rifles will be ready for use in just a few seconds.

Power, accuracy, velocity

Average velocities for Crosman Benjamin 392 versus Chrony using 8 pumps are:

637 FPS using Crosman Premier 14.3 grain pellet.
With Daisy 14.3 grains flat nosed pellet it produces 633.8 FPS & 12.76 FPE.
Crosman 11.9 and 612.1 FPS with Crosman 14.3 grain pointed hunting pellet.

These air rifles can travel at 685 FPS, or about 209 metres per second. Although the velocity is medium (800 fps), the knockdown power of this air gun is sufficient to control small game hunting and pest control.

Different shooters have conducted positive target shooting tests on Crosman Benjamin 392, with positive results.

These are the common shooting groups:

1/4″ at 10 meters
At 10 yards, 0.5 inches
1/4″ at 15 meters
2″ at 33-40 Feet
1/4 inch at 40 feet
1/2″ at 10 meters
1″ at 50 Feet
2″ at 25 Yards.

Shooters have been known to shoot 1/4″ at 30 yards, and 1.25″ at 50. This gun is extremely accurate and can be used at less than 50 yards. So, 8 pumps give a nice result.


crosman benjamin 392 .22 forearm

Benjamin 392’s sight is an open sight with a fixed front sight. The sight can be adjusted for windage adjustment (allowing you to adjust it left and right) and elevation adjustment (allowing you to adjust it up and down). If you are able to see well and don’t need the scope, the iron sight will work for you.

Benjamin 392 air rifle does not have a scope rail to mount the scope. If you want to mount a scope on the air gun, either Crosman 3/8 Intermount (or the Air Venturi Weber/Picatinny Intermount) will be required. Remember that the scope should have a long eye relief, and must be placed in a far away from your eyes.

The pellet loading action can become a pain if you mount your scope without any eye relief. You should reconsider buying a scope. Or, you could do yourself a favor by getting a William peep view as the best choice.

Noise and shooting ability

The air rifle Benjamin 392 can be set to a loudness level of medium to high. This gun is not recommended for use in the suburbs or cities, especially if it is close to other homes. This is not an issue if you live in a sparsely populated area.

Benjamin 392 has a shooting range of 40 yards. This gun can be used for targeting, plinking , pest management, and small game hunting.

Because of its versatility and durability, the 392 can adapt to any situation. This air rifle can be used in a variety of situations, but it is especially useful for small game hunting, pest management, and backyard plinking.

The 392 is great for serious target shooters, but if you need something that can go 100 yards or longer, a high-powered PCP (or underlever) is your best option.


The gun does not require any accessories for hunting. As I mentioned earlier, this air rifle does not require any accessory. However, you can purchase a scope/peep view with a special intermount for use with it.


The Benjamin 392 is very easy to maintain.

To prevent rust, you only need to apply a light coat of Crosman PellgunOil to the barrel.
This gun is built to last years with minimal upkeep.
To keep the gun functioning properly, apply oil drops to the pivot of the variable pump and rivets at every hundred shots.

This gun is built to last years with minimal upkeep.

Customer review Benjamin 392

When researching a product, I look out for trends in customer reviews. This product has many positive reviews. It is loved for its beauty, finish, reliability, accuracy, precision, and recoilless.

The gun has only two major problems that are highlighted in negative reviews.

First, your forearm makes a loud, pounding sound when you pump the gun. You can fix this by placing some tapes between the barrel and your foregrip to reduce the noise. This is useful for not provoking your animal target while you are out in the field.

Second, pumping is very difficult and not recommended for people with weak arms.

Consider the strength of the recipient before you purchase the gun.


This gun is a great value considering that it has all metal and hardwood parts. This gun is a great option if you don’t like plastic air rifles. You can find a variety of listings online with different prices.

The listing with the lowest price I found is still cheaper than the manufacturer’s price or prices on other ecommerce sites such as PyramydAir and Walmart.

The Benjamin 392 multi-pump gun can be viewed here:


The Benjamin 392 is an excellent choice for a reasonable price. This gun is a great choice. It’s reliable, sturdy, durable, has a high recoil, and can last for many years without much maintenance.

This gun is a great choice for target shooting or for dealing with annoying pests in your yard.


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