Best Reloading Bench in 2021 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

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For any reloader a reloading bench is one of the most handy man’s best friend in any stationary workspace. Because only a best reloading bench can ensure a good reloading experience. A staple of the mechanic’s garage office and a necessity for any person who works with their hands, a reloading bench can serve multiple purposes aside from the obvious one of reloading ammunition rounds.

With special features to aid in the reloading process of ammunition, the benches clearly are designed for that more strict function. But they can double as a simple workbench when no empty ammunition rounds are handy and ready to be worked on. With many things to consider in what one would need in a reloading bench, things are not always the clearest when shopping. While a personal reloading bench can also be made with individual purchases and tidying up an old table. A professionally and specially designed bench to do the job is never a bad thing. And it may do more than the parts from Hobby Lobby can.

With that being said, here are five of the top picks for the best reloading benches:

Top 5 Best Reloading Bench in 2021

1. Lee Precision 90688, Charging Stand [Black] [#Ad]

Lee Precision 90688 workbench is a space saving reloader’s best friend. The bench is extremely compact but still able to perform all the necessary functions and have all the space that any basic reloader would encounter.

The materials are still sturdy and able to support the bench, but also are not extremely bulky to get in the way of any work or other activities that might occur around the bench space. Although small and compact, the bench can still store up to two presses on the bottom simultaneously.

For those that also want to downgrade because they find themselves not using a portion of their current bench that simply takes up space in the room, this is a great one to consider moving to. Being so small, the bench is also semi portable, allowing the user to move it around a space much easier than a large bench so it can fit their needs.


  • Small & Compact
  • Portable
  • Meets basic needs
  • Easy assembly


  • Little space for large projects
  • May need additional base weight

2. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand [#Ad]

The Frankford Arsenal Reloading Stand is like the Lee Precision in the way that it is another small and compact bench. The Frankford Arsenal does supply a little bit more space than the Lee Precision bench, but still not as much as any full-fledged work bench.

This bench offers space for two bins and offers great storage use. The bench folds into itself for easy storage and easy setup when needed. The foldable ends also allow the user to create a more altered and custom setup according to the space they work in and the needs that they may encounter. Do not let the folding fool you, because the two-hundred-pound bench is extremely sturdy and well capable of holding a press and powder measure all at once.

Safety is not a concern when using this bench due to its heavy-duty steel that will hold it up. Again, with a smaller build like the Lee Precision, this bench is mobile as well. Compact and foldable, the bench can be placed virtually anywhere in a workspace and moved at a moment’s notice.


  • Small & Compact
  • Portable
  • Meets basic needs
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy, Steel structure


  • Heavy for size
  • Surface considered unstable

3. Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench [#Ad]

Seville Classics Lighted Workbench is the largest workbench on the list so far, being truer to the traditional workbench than the others. This bench is not as mobile, but offers ample space and more in return.

With drawers under the bench, the hassle of attaching and detaching the bins each time for use on the previous benches is no longer an issue.

Other than the size and awkward shape of the table, the Seville Classics can still classify as a mobile workbench. This bench only weighs 113 pounds, which makes it easy to move. Specially with a helper.

The choices for positioning may be limited, but due to it needs power supply for the light. The light does add an extra benefit in place of its positioning hassle. However, The light allows not only late-night projects, but better lighting and more accurate sight for daytime projects too. So, having a direct light on the workspace is such a great side of this reloading bench.

This bench also comes with a pegboard to keep all of one’s tools in an organized and visible space for easy and quick access. The feet of the bench are also adjustable for accurate leveling for a stable work surface.


  • Large workspace
  • Lighted work area
  • Pegboard wall for tools
  • Adjustable feet for leveling
  • Permanent benches


  • Large, takes up space
  • Limited positioning for electricity (light)
  • Not storable

4. 2×4 basics 90164 Custom Work Bench [#Ad]

This workbench is quite a twist from the classic design of a workbench. This workbench is completely up to the design of the user. Which also means that anything wrong is also completely at fault of the user.

The custom workbench set includes pieces to create one’s own workbench by having corner pieces to use as legs and connectors of the wood. Lumber is sold separately. The design of the pieces is made to be used with 2×4 lumber and anything up to eight feet long and four feet wide. The pieces are all 90-degree cutouts. The set includes four bench legs and six shelf links to use for custom storage.

While the bench does offer great customization and it can be used to fit tricky spots in one’s workspace, it requires a lot of assemblies and someone who is pretty good at constructing things as well as designing them. For anyone who cannot find a workbench that fits what they want, this custom bench set is perfect as it can be made into any bench the user would like. When coupled with a peg board (separate), the bench can be a nice one and making it all the better because it was self-made.

The links come with easy-to-follow instructions and all hardware needed (outside of wood or extras) come with the links, so no extra tools are needed for assembly.


  • Extremely customizable
  • Hardware included for set
  • Can be made to fit in awkward places


  • Lumber not included

5. UltraHD Lighted Workcenter [#Ad]

The UltraHD Lighted Workcenter is the most traditionally themed workbench on this list.

It is Extremely like Seville Classics bench, the main difference between the two benches is that the UltraHD Lighted Workcenter has a beech wood surface coated with a metal frame that is resistant to corrosion and powder coated for work protection.

The workcenter has a large surface for any work needed and can hold all loose items and reloading tools in the two drawers underneath the work surface. The center has a pegboard just like the Seville Classics bench that can hold all the tools in a nice, organized and visual manner for easy and quick access.

Atop of the pegboard sits a light, which illuminates the space for direct light and good visuals to accurately work. This also allows late night projects that might not be available in a poorly lit space when the sun goes down.

At the base of the pegboard, the workcenter has a power strip available for electronic tools that one may need in the reloading process.

The top and steel frame are well sturdy enough to hold much weight and stay sturdy. If flat and perfectly even floors are not available, the workcenter also has leveling feet to compensate for this.


  • Leveling Feet
  • Lighted
  • Peg Board
  • Steel frame
  • Steel coating on work surface
  • Permanent drawers underneath surface


  • Large, takes up space
  • Not portable
  • Requires electricity for full function

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Buyer’s Guide For Reloading Bench

  • Stability/Durability: A reloading bench will undergo a lot of hard work and stress from the user and the processes they will be performing on the bench. Because of what it will undergo, the table and its materials need to be extremely sturdy and then durable to last for the years that the user will need it. Good materials are metals, steel being the top of the line. Wood is also a very sturdy material but will not last very long if not properly treated.A good thing to also look at is the maximum workload that a specific bench should handle. If the material is good and seems durable, look at the maximum work weight. Even if the materials are top of the line, they may not be engineered in a way to withstand extremely large presses or materials. So, checking to work weight will ensure that you have a safe workspace, and the bench will last the user a long time.
  • Anti-skid: An anti-skid surface helps in the works of reloading significantly. An anti-skid surface is almost crucial to anyone who plans to be working very safely. Too slick of surfaces can cause tools and materials to slide all over the place and cause working accidents. An anti-skid surface like a hard wood or rough metal will precent accidents like that from happening.
  • Extra Features: Depending on how much the bench is used and what type of equipment will be used on it, depends on if extra features are needed and what features one might want to look for. If work hours differ or conditions are in a dimly lit area, a lit workspace may help. If a lot of tools are kept around and need to be organized, a pegboard is fantastic. If a lot of little materials are used, compartment drawers can be very useful.
  • Position/Size: If the workspace is small, then the size of the bench needs to be considered. If the space is temporary or shifts a lot, a portable or even storable bench will be great for this type of user. If the space is oddly shaped, a custom bench might do the trick.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I know what presses to put on the bench?

Ans: Most presses from the same brand will be made to fit their tables well. If the brands are different, the measurements should be found of the tabletop and the measurements that the press is made for.

Q2. What do I do with a wobbly bench?

Ans: Wobbly benches are typically caused by uneven legs under the bench. With some workbenches, the legs will have adjustable heights to combat this issue. With others, cutting a leg or even temporarily slipping an old book underneath one will do the trick.

Q3. What should come with a workbench?

Ans: Most workbenches come quite bare. The basic construction of the bench should come and if it requires assembly, all the materials to assemble it should come as well. Some benches come with extra things such as drawers, lights, or peg boards, while some are simple a top and some supports.

The Takeaway

There are a few different styles of workbenches and different features that each one provides. The bench should be taken into serious consideration as some of them can get a little pricy, so you want to make sure it is a worthy and justifiable purchase. Stability, durability, surface, construction, needs, extra features, and placement of the bench are all things to consider when buying as they can help you pick out the perfect bench. When the perfect bench does not exist, use a kit, and make one yourself to fit your exact and specific needs. Most importantly, no matter what work occurs or what bench is sued, remember safety is the number one priority.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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  1. Some good advice here. Started hand loading pistol ammunition in the late 80’s starting out with a Lee Challenger press and dies. Was shooting .45ACP competitively and learned even with inexpensive dies, the ammo I loaded was more accurate than I could shoot and I could hit bowling pins at 50 meters standing w/ open sights. You don’t have to fork over $$$ to produce accurate ammunition.

  2. Thanks for confirming something I suspected, that all the dies were similar quality. I plan on getting Lee kit, got a lot of people telling me to buy rcbs etc. I had a feeling there was a fair bit of snobbery. I am getting the classic turret press

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    Especially liked #5: definitely not cheaper…and #7: Don’t listen to other people that reload = everyone has their own opinion and we all know what an opinion is likened to as everyone “has one”.
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