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Recently, using bore snakes is a popular and convenient way to clean the gun barrels at ease, spending the least amount of time possible. Due to its approachability and low cost, this tool is versatile for everyone. Even if you are a beginner in this field, having a bore cleaner in your kit can always come in handy. They do not occupy much space, so, no need to worry about the storage.

Why Should You Use a Bore Snake?

To keep your weapons in good condition, clean, and durable, you must apply necessary maintenance. That will help you with the durability of your guns. Now, cleaning the exterior can simply be done with some absorbent quality cotton cloth/ rags. But for the innards, you need to get rid of the carbon debris that is built over the frequent use. The accumulated carbon can be damaging for your gun barrel, and the whole gun eventually. And here comes bore snakes to ensure thorough cleaning of the inside of your gun barrels.

Top 7 Best Bore Snake in 2024

1. Hoppe’s Bore Snake Viper M 16, .22-.25 Caliber Rifle [#Ad]

Claimed to be the world’s fastest bore cleaner, this accessory is capable of cleaning the rifle smoothly as it loosens the large particle residue that is built up over time. This uses a bronze brush that effectively scrapes up the chunky build-up, leaving a perfectly clean gun in your hands. To ease up the process, you can use a few drops of lubricating oil appropriate for this purpose. Hoppe’s no.9 is a good option for that.

This little accessory can be a very useful addition to your rifle cleaning kit. A lot of people advise cleaning the barrel of your rifle every 1000 rounds. It can be a little difficult to keep track of that. Thus, you can clean yours as often as possible.


  • It performs faster then other cleaner. The fastest three-step bore snake in the world
  • Hoppe’s bore snake is Great for packing.
  • The size is stamped on the brass weight at the end of the pull cord.
  • Good for machine-wash
  • Patented one-piece design


  • Long and strong: the length of this is a definite winner. As most of the .17hmr comes in a long barrel, the longer the length of the bore snake is, the better it is to clean up. So, in this department, Hoppe’s performs great.
  • Washable: this machine-wash-friendly feature comes super handy and less fussy due to its low maintenance. You can also apply the good old sock method- put the bore snake into an old sock and throw it into the washer. It should come out nice and clean.
  • Dual motion: the copper brush bristles rub the residue build-up off the rifle and the fabric soaks up the dirt and ensures proper cleaning through and through.


  • Takes multiple turns: this tool needs to be used several times to clean off the barrel completely. It would have been great if it could clean all at once. Sometimes you need to extract the dirt and gunk at first then add some lubricating oil to go for another thorough wipe.
  • Weak brass ends: the flattened brass ends are soft and you might need to push and rotate a while to get it down the barrel, especially if you are using a .17 rifle.
  • Color: although not a major issue, but the brown color can be camouflaging the dirt and murky build-up. Thus, determining whether or not the barrel is cleaned enough might not be easy to understand.

2. Sage and Braker Detachable Bronze Brush [#Ad]

Though Hoppe’s is the most popular brand among the bore cleaner manufacturer, this bore snake with a detachable brush is nowhere less competent. This one too delivers efficient performance on cleaning your bores very nicely. The key features of this kit are-


  • The Sage and Braker bore snakes are made with high-quality materials compared to its market competitors. It deploys a full bronze brush that ensures top-notch cleaning and has a buffing rope that fits and cleans the entirety of your rifle barrel.
  •  It cleans your gun barrel as fast as you can think of. All you need to spend is 15 seconds, that all it is going to take you to leave a clean and smooth inside, which is great as most other cleaners in the market are more high-maintenance, fussy, and time-consuming to clean through.
  • Being fast does not mean this bore snake performs sloppy! This dives deep into the barrel within a very short while to wipe out all the gunk effortlessly. The bronze bristles of its brush and the long buffing rope ensure the perfect cleaning. The brush itself is detachable, making it easy to clean afterward.
  • Sage and Braker stands for the conservation of the minority communities related to hunting and supports them to hold onto their legacy.


  • Full-size bronze brush: full-size bronze brush delivers you a result of excellent cleaning with the fast process of bore snake. It takes less time but cleans most desirably.
  • Removable buffing rope: this feature is very effective if you want an aggressive, thorough cleaning before soaking up the dirt. After when you are satisfied with the abrasive cleaning, then you can finally run through the rope to wipe the residue and oil off of it.
  • A 25” buffing rope: the full-length buffing rope enables you to deep clean the barrel. This provides you more surface area to work with and better cleaning.
  • Stamped brass weight: the stamped brass weight shows you the gauge or caliber it is well-suited for. This makes it easy for you to organize your cleaning kit.

Cleaning with sage and braker bore snake:

  • Step 1: Ensuring empty firearm: to clean your weapon, you have to check first whether or not the rifle is empty.
  • Step 2: Lubricate the barrel: to get a proper cleaning, you need a smooth surface for the bore snake to smoothly glide through the gun. So, you need to spray some lubricant, preferably sage, and brakers’ CLP.
  • Step3: Inserting the bore snake: slide the brass end of your bore snake from one side of the empty barrel to pass within and let it slide all the way through.
  • Step 4: Taking out the rope: eject the bore snake by pulling the brass end from the other side of the barrel. When you are pulling the buffing rope or the bore snake out of the barrel, it cleans up on its way out.

3. Hoppe’s Bore Snake Soft-Sided Pistol Revolver Cleaning Kit [#Ad]

Consistent with all other Hoppe’s products, this one too provides efficient performance and smooth cleaning. This one is intended for .357-38mm, 9mm pistols.

On top of that, the bonus features of this bore snake include-


  • This is tested under all the conditions to guarantee the most resilient performance.
  • It is made with quality material, ensures durability and longevity.
  • A versatile accessory for any type of expertise. Thus, it is a good choice if you are a professional or just an amateur.
  • The compact itself is very compact. Thus, it is great for traveling or packing up.
  • The case fits with a belt very easily, makes it easy for you to carry around everywhere.
  • The kit includes a Hoppe’s no.9 lubricating oil.


  • User-friendly: This bore snake is very easy to assemble/disassemble. Thus, everyone enjoys cleaning with this. The process is adaptable, fast, and uncomplicated.
  • Powerful bronze brush: The pope’s cleaning bronze brush is strong enough to scrub off all the debris inside the barrel. Thus, it takes a very low effort to clean it off completely.
  • Saves time and energy: As it is so easy to handle and clean up, it takes much less of your valuable time and energy.
  • Fast operation: You can clean your guns incredibly fast using this bore snake.
  • Saves money: This tool is multipurpose. Besides, unlike the other tools, it does not require you to use any additional cotton swabs.
  • Longevity: If you keep it clean and store well, it will last you a long time. When I say long, it is almost a lifetime. Some would also say that this is the only cleaning kit they have purchased in a very long time.


  • Horrid smell: The no.9 solvent/ lubricant smells toxic. It might be nauseating to some.

4. Hoppe’s Bore Snake Shotgun Bore Cleaner [#Ad]

Another efficient product by Hoppe’s is this shotgun bore cleaner.

This one has some distinctive features as following that delivers great performance-


  • It is a 3-1 bore cleaner
  • You can machine-wash it without any difficulties; you might want to use that sock trick
  • It is made for 410 shotguns
  • Quickest three-step bore shine you can find
  • Very light and compact; great for packing or carrying
  • Size stamped on the brass-end on the pull cord
  • The patented design of the one-piece


  • Fast and easy to clean: More or less all the Hoppe’s bore snakes are very easy and fast performing. They do not need much time, neither are they fussy. You can even skip the thorough cleaning process every time.

5. Hoppe’s Bore Snake Viper Pistol and Revolver Bore Cleaner [#Ad]

Similar to all other models by Hoppe’s, this cone-shaped bore cleaner gives you the fastest bore shine in three easy steps. It is made for 357 9mm, 380 38 caliber pistols. These products ensure a swift and hassle-free cleaning process does not get messy.


  • 50% more powerful cleaning than the original Hoppe’s bore cleaner.
  • A specific lubrication zone on the handle to pass the solvent agent.
  • Brass weight stamped with the size, easy to find out from the cleaning/tool kit.
  • The cone-shaped guide allows for quick alignment.
  • Patented one-piece design.
  • Machine washable; thus, easy to maintain.

Directions to use:

  • Spray some solvent inside the gun barrel using a good aerosol bore cleaner.
  • Spray on the green area of the bore snake which is in between the plastic barrel guide, and the first brush.
  • Spray some good quality gun oil on the orange side of the bore snake.
  • Pull through the bore snake 3-5 times inside your gun barrel. That should clean your gun out perfectly.


  • Very simple to handle and user-friendly.
  • Strong performance and cleaning power; compared to the other products by Hoppe’s, this viper is a significantly sophisticated model as it provides better cleaning than the other ones.
  • Tough build; as we have seen on the previous models of Hoppe’s before, they do not compromise on quality. This too is built to last, does not wear off much over time.


  • The package comes without any instructions. Although anyone who uses a gun has more or less idea on how to operate a bore snake, a set of directions and instructions should be added to avoid any sort of confusion.

6. Real Avid Bore Boss [#Ad]

If you are like the majority, then you probably prefer an all-in-all gun cleaning kit instead of buying individual pieces. Even though this real avid bore boss comes with a large price tag than the others in this list, mind you that it is a good versatile-use cleaning kit that is applicable to clean most of the guns.

This bore snake has a plastic case. It has a variety of bore snakes made of wires, can be used for a variety of calibers. Each wire again comes in a separate plastic case so that you can identify which case you are working with.


  • Small: The bore snake is really compact; the size of the plastic casing is comparable to a hockey puck. This makes it easy to carry or to include in your pre-existing collection.
  • Organized: Due to its unique design, you cannot lose this stuff as easily as you would lose stuff of similar size. The case keeps the rope in an organized manner instead of letting them tangle inside your tool-kit.

A lot of people have already switched to this real avid bore cleaner from their current favorites as it is easy to maintain and keep it organized. Besides, it is also quite user-friendly to work with.

7. Ultimate Bore Cleaner For Rifle [#Ad]

This bore cleaner is very user friendly. If you want to clean your pistol or rifle quickly and easily then this is the cleaner you should go for. This cleaner is effective for both rifle and pistol. Ultimate bore cleaner is also a very reliable name among all other bore cleaner.


  • You can clean your pistol very quickly with this bore cleaner. All you need to do is to run the cleaner through one quick pass, and it will be all set.
  • Using it to clean with is easy and hassle-free. You can apply some lubricant solution to amplify the process, it helps the rope to clean efficiently.
  • You can use this tool for a long time if you maintain and store it well.
  • This bore snake is machine-wash safe, giving you scope to reuse over time.
  • It has a compact and lightweight built to it, which makes it easy for you to carry. You can even carry it in your pockets.
  • The packaging uses clamshell which is unique for this kind of product. This also makes a good item to give as a present.
  • You get unconditional warranty and support from the US team for this product. So, you can get through the team if you have any queries regarding this product.


  • Quality materials: the bore snake is made of quality materials, giving you top-notch experience and resilient performance.
  • Comparable to name brands: the overall quality and performance do not come short in comparison to the name brands. Durable, and works great over time.
  • Price: as the performance matches with the ones from the large brands, this one gives you a great deal on charging a fraction of the price. You get your full money’s worth without compromising the least bit on the quality.
  • Sturdy bronze bristles: the bristles clean the barrel and in the most efficient way possible, scrubbing off all the residue and debris build-up. Some people had a little issue with the bristles not being long enough. To address that, inserting the snake bore in backward might help. However, even if you feel that issue, the performance will not be affected whatsoever.
  • Lightweight: although some people prefer the heavier side on the brass-end of the bore snakes, the lightweight end still ensures excellent performance.

Pro-user tips:

  • If you find a bore snake to be a little tighter than the expectation even if you had ordered the correct size, you can wrap up the rope around your hand tightly, then try sliding the end through the barrel. Wrapping up the rope will be shrunken a tad bit, easing up the way. Also, some solvent liquid will work great as well.
  • If you are unsure of what caliber should you use for your gun/rifle, simply search the caliber of your gun and it will recommend the bore snake you can use for that.

What to Consider Before Buying a Bore Snake

  • Pull cord: The pull cord has a small brass weight at the end of it. This cord is used to pull through the barrel of the gun to clean it out, the brass end makes it swift and easy to grip on. The length of the pull cord is something to keep in mind as it should be able to pass through your gun barrel, thus it should match the length accordingly.
  • Cleaner brush: Not all cleaner brushes are made equally. Thus, you need to buy a brush that fits into your barrel perfectly. The bronze brush should be sturdy and solid, not too bendy or prone to get dents.
  • Bronze bristles: Apart from the bristles of the brush, some bronze bristles are also weaved through the snake rope that breaks down the debris and carbon build-up. It helps the bore snake to cleanse the gun at ease. You need to look for the bristles that are not too flexible. That way, instead of cleaning the inside, the bristles remain bent.
  • Cleaning area: This is the part of the gun that is relatively thicker, and the bore snake needs to be pulled through this part. You need to apply some solvent or lubricating oil to slip through the rope at ease.

We have seen many improvements in the bore snake technology over the past few years. The design and user-friendly approach have developed over time. Starting from the cotton fabric for a cleaner to landing on the bronze brush, the bore snake has become a smooth transition to making this step of maintenance. Contrary to the time consuming, traditional process of cleaning shotguns, cleaning with a bore snake is much easier and instantaneous. Thus, the popularity of using bore snake cleaners are rising gradually.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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