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If you are interested in reloading, but need to save some money along the way, it’s worth trying out a Lee Pro 1000 progressive press. This is because while they’re not perfect by any means and there are certain trade-offs that have been made for them to be at their price point of roughly half that of other similar items on the market today like Dillon Square Deal Bs.

Quick review

Despite my problems, the Pro 1000 is a great budget-buy reloading press that I honestly have no idea how they can offer it at such a low price. My advice is to buy one of these in each caliber you need and set them up once because this will save time when loading 38 Special rounds compared with other presses on the market.

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When considering the price and value of Lee Pro 1000, it’s important to consider that other progressive presses cost more than $600 (more than three times as much). For many people this becomes an easy decision. I feel like setting up a single stage press is good enough for those who want to experiment with their first reloads, after they have some experience on one already.

This press includes:

caliber specific die set: carbide 3-Die sets;
auto-drum powder measure;
Pro 1000 primer attachment;
case feeder attachment with tubes;
appropriate shell plate.

Lee Precision 9mm Pro 1000 Luger is a 3-stage item that allows you to attach three different dies at once. It helps you by shortening the process of reloading and takes less effort in having to pull the lever so many times and adjusting different dies every time.

The barrel will last approximately 800 rounds, and as such Lee’s tool worth every penny.

Lee Pro 1000 Review


The most important features of getting the Pro 1000 luger for 9mm are the following:

This progressive reloading press includes 3 types of dies (powder charge through full length size powder, expanding and bullet seating), 19 shell plates the appropriate size for reloading, a Pro Auto-Disk powder measure, case feeder and priming system.

Lee Cast Aluminum Pro 1000 Reloading Kit For 380 Auto Md: 90641

Press type
Progressive press

140 rounds per hour

Made of
Steel, Die Cast Aluminum


Only CCI or Remington brand primers are safe use with this press

Handle location

Number of mounting holes

Die size accepted
standard 7/8″-14 threaded dies

Ram stroke

Offered for these cartridges:

32 S&W Long or 32 H&R Magnum.
9mm Luger
380 Auto
38 Special (will load 357 Mag.)
10mm Auto
357 Magnum
40 S&W
41 Magnum
44 Special (will load 44 Mag)
44 Magnum
45 ACP
45 Colt
223 Remington

Pro 1000 luger includes the necessary accessories with the press, so you don’t have to purchase more unless you want to reload bullets aside from 9mm Luger.

At the pull of the lever, shell plate with 3 spaces for cartridges is pushed up into the dies and then turned. One cartridge is pushed out while an empty one is pushed in. The tube is similar to Lee Load master’s, except that it’s smaller. The basic feature of this item is similar to the Load master’s; it’s just smaller in terms of size and scale.

Only CCI or Remington brand primers are safe use with this press

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Lee Pro 1000 review: pros

Convenience. It’s the mid-choice for those who consider 5-stage progressive reloading press is too expensive. The function is still the same and you still get to do 3 things at the same time with Pro 1000 luger. A single turret press wouldn’t be able to provide anything near to the convenience of a progressive turret press.

Everything for work with 9 mm caliber. Pro 1000 luger comes as a complete kit with the shell plate and 3 dies. You don’t have to purchase separate accessories unless you need a different size. That’s very affordable for a functional and smooth 3-stage press.

Pro 1000 saves time! Since it is progressive press, it has a case bullet feeder, priming system and 3 dials working at once, so a single pull of lever gets you a lot of things done. Time is the most important resource we can never purchase and this thing lets you save it.

It is cheap! Finally, this is a budget progressive reloading press for anyone who wants to reload quickly without spending 3 or 4 times the price. At no more than $300, you can reload 3 to 4 times faster.

Pro-Auto Disk. Lee Precision has developed a unique tool that makes reloading your brass easier and more precise. The Pro-Auto Disk exclusive to Lee Precision tools measures the amount of powder needed for each type of bullet, then fills it with gunpowder while making sure there are no spills or messes. In addition, this Pro-Auto Disk can hold half a pound of enough gunpowder to produce lots at once without running out too quickly!

Size. The Pro 1000 luger is great for those with limited space. It’s small in size, so it won’t take up much room on your countertop or shelf.

Easy to change a caliber. Changing calibers can be a pain, but investing in an extra turret makes it easy to switch between different loads.

Cons of Lee Pro 1000

The priming system of this particular piece of Pro 1000 is of concern. While everything else works well, we find ours were not able to seat the primer in place at random. It can be dangerous if you did not get to check every cartridge visually and takes your time instead of saving it. We would just suggest people to prime separately to be completely sure of it.
The dies still need to be screwed in, unlike the bushings that exist in other reloading presses. Considering the price, this might be quite obvious to see. The shell plates are also specific to the type of bullet that you are processing. If you want to reload something else, you may need to buy a different shell plate for it.
Case Feeder. I’ll start here since it’s also listed as a “pro”. The case feeder should make the unit faster, but this is not always true. There are two ways to load the case feeder: use up all of your time using or painstakingly loading each tube one-by-one with fewer possibilities for error.

After much thought and deliberation, I don’t have a good solution for the other issue. The primer feed holder sits at 45 degrees behind press and feeds primers down chute which turns horizontal before reaching setting mechanism. If there isn’t enough in the chute to provide pressure, you will experience misfeeds with an array of errors that raise your blood pressure even more so than it already is!

Powder Measure. The powder measure is suitable. The only issue I had with it was related to the type of gunpowder used, as some types work better than others do. For its price range, you can’t really expect much more from this product though!

Tips for reloading with the Lee Precision 1000

Make sure that you follow the instruction or manual that comes with the Lee kit. It’s important that you follow the guide as that will make sure the press will work the way you want it to.
Check for video tutorials if you are not sure how to do it correctly.
You don’t have to use all the dies. You can choose to just use even one die. For example, if you just want to size the cartridges.
Visual check on every cartridge after pulling the lever, especially on the first round. You need to make sure that everything looks okay and smooth before proceeding to reload faster.
Maintain the equipment frequently to make sure that it’s smooth every time you use it.

Customer Reviews

Most handgun enthusiasts have opted for Lee Precision reloading kits because they are easy to use and produce high-quality products.

Some customers have a few problems with the Lee Precision 9-mm Pro 1000 Luger, such as “Instructions are sparse and poorly written”. But they can easily be solved by looking at additional instruction videos on how to set it up which is available online.

Positive reviews for this press have been rolling in. One user says, “The press is great and produces quality bullets!” Another reviewer adds that it’s a “great 1000 progressive reloading item for the money.” Finally, someone else loves their purchase saying they love this loader.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I’m a beginner. Should I get this equipment?

The Pro 1000 press is very convenient to use once you’ve got everything set up. It’s still more expensive compared to single stage press and harder to assemble in comparison. Depending on your purpose as well, a progressive press may not be suitable for you. You still need to understand how each die works and setting them up can take a lot of your time.

However, if you want to hate having to purchase a single stage and then a progressive, later on, you can get Lee. The risk is that you will take a lot of time understanding the dies and won’t be able to use to its full potential immediately.

What’s wrong with the Lee priming system?

There are lots of other customers who have complained about the same thing. The priming system is not as accurate as we expected and with quite a high margin of error. You risk spilling the powder and even triggering an explosion.
If you wish to use it, make sure to visually check it often and clean it up once you notice that powder is spilling out of the system.

Do you lube each case as you run them on the press?

As long as you use carbide dies, there is no need to lube the cases.

Is it possible to load different calibers with this press by substituting the dies and shell press?

Bigger primer feeder may be needed to accommodate different sizes of ammos

Does this reloading press prime during the 3 stage process?

The second stroke expands the case mouth and does the priming.


The Lee Precision 9mm Pro 1000 Luger is a budget 3-stage progressive press that performs well aside from its priming system. The construction is solid and operating it is easy once you’ve got all the dies set up. As long as you follow the manual, you will be fine and be able to fine tune it and use it soon.

While Lee is also not recommended for beginners, in the long run, you can get one and help yourself with increase your reloading speed.

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