Safety Benefits of Tasers for Police Officers

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We won’t be glossing over the fact with theories and beautiful words – taser guns have been accused of the increase of aggressive and violent reactions from police officers compared to those who don’t carry them. While they are less lethal weapons that officers can rely on in the use of force, it seems that carrying what seems to be less-of-a-threat weapon has induced the ‘weapons effect’.

Yet, it cannot be denied that taser guns have also saved many people from various occasions and help police officers in restraining dangerous individuals. It also protects them from people with malicious intents towards those who work in the justice department. Here are the safety benefits of tasers for police officers even if they don’t have batons or firearms with them.

Safety Benefits of Tasers for Police Officers

Safety Benefits of Tasers for Police Officers


Taser guns are powered with AA or Mignon batteries, the same type you use in most portable electronic devices like your remote control. These taser guns initially launch at 30,000-50,000 volts which is equal to land transmission line voltage, but this lasts only a split second, meant to form an arc. And it’s also important to note that we can describe voltage as how easy it will be for electric current to flow. The higher, the easier.

The output? It’s 0.002 amps and we all, by now, understand that it’s very small. In comparison, an electric eel launches over 700 watts which hurt much more than a taser gun and will do more than temporarily paralyzes you. After launching and hitting, the voltage drops as the arc has been formed and send a static current to the target. At probe mode, assuming the probe touches the skin directly, it delivers a max current of 26 watts.

You will get static shocks constantly, painful, but the injury is so minor, you don’t need to go to the hospital for that.

Note: The shock from taser gun and induce heart arrhythmia in healthy people and heart attack in people who are under the influence of drugs.

Safe to use for everyone

Taser guns will not cause dramatic injuries to anyone shot. At the case of a misfire, a taser gun will not cause critical injuries, while firearms like handguns will. This makes the taser gun and easier and less violent solution in many situations – apprehending a pickpocket, using probe mode to stop a person in high, etc.

Under serious, life-threatening situations, nobody can deny the usefulness of the taser gun which can immobilize the perpetrator without killing, risking or injuring anyone, including victims, hostages or the police officer. A misfire won’t become a bullet that is friendly-fire.

Can be shot at a safe distance

Taser guns have a range of 35 feet or 10.6m. The safe distance will allow police officers better tactical advantages in apprehending or stopping criminals without approaching them too closely.

Tasers for Police Officers

Taser guns have two different modes: probe and drive stun

The probe mode dispatches two probes to a person’s skin or clothing and releases high voltage (see the first advantage) which forms the arc to deliver the stunning current. The current is high enough to induce uncontrollable muscle contractions and rendering the target from making any movements, thus immobilizing them. This effect ends the moment the taser is deactivated.

A target that is still probed can be tasered and stopped at the officer’s will as long as they are still attached. This way, the one apprehended can be immobilized for as long as needed until he/she is handcuffed and secured.

Drive stun mode is one where the gun is touched directly to the skin or clothing. It doesn’t immobilize them, but the current is high enough to inflict pain for up to 5 seconds which can stop and even immobilize people from the pain.

Reduce injuries and even deaths

Should police officers be trained properly and psychologically trained to only use the taser guns as if it’s a firearm, there will be many situations where deaths and blood can be avoided from being spilled. Instead of the shoot to kill, they can stop people on their track by shooting their taser guns on probe mode. Well-trained officers won’t have to second guess themselves in relying on the use of force to prevent further injuries of anyone, including the targets themselves.

Reduced police shootings

Before the use and invention of taser guns, polices had only two choices in critical situations: to shoot or not. The first would have meant that injuries and deaths are unavoidable, but not making a move may prove to be unwise. Taser guns made it possible to have a middle choice, helping officers to stop criminals from their actions without being involved in excessive violence.

This might have been where the problem arises. From being heralded as the tool that stops police shootings, taser guns still give police the ‘weapons effect’ that causes them to result in provocative actions even when they don’t carry their firearms.

Taser International and other ECD manufacturers have, however, claimed that 75,000 deaths have been prevented with the use of the taser gun. It has also reduced 60% of injuries inflicted on criminals and saves the lives of law enforcement officers while doing so every year.

An Indispensable Law Enforcement Tool

Among the many tools that police officers are allowed to carry, they are all meant to incapacitate and force dangerous individuals to comply. With that said, batons, handguns and even bare-handed police officers will definitely leave at least bruises on the target. A taser gun does not and inflicts injuries as minor as blistering. At high voltage, it might leave bruises and cause heart attack on dangerous individuals high on drugs who cannot feel pain.

Taser guns have been regulated with policies and standards and are still the most effective compliant tool those who work in law enforcement appreciate using.

Better policies, training and psychological effect

The taser gun itself is not dangerous or lethal – it’s simply a tool that helps officers gain compliance. The controversial aggression instigated by officers carry taser guns is asking for better policies, training and in-depth look of how carrying a weapon can affect an officer’s reaction to the situation. Officers must also learn not to second-guess themselves under heavy pressure situations which may lead to fatal results.

If you want to know more regarding the safety benefits of tasers for police officers, feel free to ask us and post lovely comments below or contact with us.


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