How to remove rust from a gun without damaging bluing [Step-by-Step Process]

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Guns are protected from metal oxidation and rusting by gun bluing or cold blue. Difficult aspect of removing rust from a gun barrel’s exterior is to protect the light bluing. Scratch isn`t desirable… There are methods that won’t affect the bluing of guns and will restore it to its original condition.

How to remove rust from a gun without damaging bluing?

The metal of your gun can be cleaned of rust. 6 methods to get rid of rusted gun without damaging!

1) Gun Oil and 0000 steel wool

This first place steel wool method takes a few minutes to remove the rust from metal guns. These materials are required for this method:

Steel wool (0000)
Gun or other oil
Free Newspapers
A clean cloth\rag

And the process what to do with guns:

Place newspapers on the table so there aren’t oil stains. Place the gun on top.
To see rusty areas, remove the Gun Grips.
Apply the gun oil to the metal rusting areas. Apply a few drops of oil to it.
Take the 0000 steel wool. Rub steel wool in circular motions on the gun oil-treated areas.
If rust remains, rub the steel wool along the barrel and receiver.
Don’t rub the gun too vigorously, as it could cause damage to the gun’s bluing.
If rust remains, rub the steel wool along the barrel and receiver.
Use a clean cloth to wipe all oil.
If there are any rusty areas, you can repeat the process. Remember to only use a few drops of oil.
To prevent rust, clean the gun and store it in the case.

You should inspect all areas of the gun. To ensure there is no rust, check the areas near the trigger and screws. You can remove rust from a gun by using patience and keeping the steel wool moving in a circular motion.

2) Penetrating oil

This method requires a penetrating oil such as WD-40. WD-40 is a well-respected oil and gunk from all materials. Select the rust-resistant variant. Tissues, a copper penny and newspapers are also required. Place the gun on top of the papers. Follow the steps below.

Spray the WD-40 on areas of the firearm that have rust.
This method requires that the oil penetrates the rust. To do this, let it sit before you scrape the gun’s rust.
After the penetrating oil WD-40 has sat for a while, use a copper penny or a rag to remove the rust.
To clear the surface, use the edge of a penny. This can cause copper stains to the gun so be gentl
If the rust remains, spray the penetrating oil to loosen it.

Now that the gun has been cleaned up, it is important to ensure that the rust doesn’t return. Cover the gun with the gun oil to keep it from rusting and place it in a dry, cool area. Keep an eye on your gun and remove any rust you find.

3) A battery charger

This is a great method especially for aluminum, copper and brass. A container, baking soda and a steel rod are all you will need. Make sure your gun is not loaded. To make an electrolyte, mix one tablespoon of baking soda and one gallon of water. The steel rod should be carefully placed in a container. The cathode will solve the problem, while the steel rod will serve as the positive terminal.

The anode should connect to the rod, while the cathode should go to the rusted region. Then, plug in the charge. The water will begin to bubble, which is an indicator that the rust is removing. Let it sit for three to five hours. Remove the gun from the solution, and then wipe it with a cotton cloth.

4) Dremel rotary tools

Dremel rotary tools can be used for damaged pistol and rifle markings. Dremels, made from silicon carbide, are very effective in removing rust and corrosion. You should use the Dremel rotary tools with small wheels and points.

Rubberized silicon carbbine is a good choice. They are typically softer than bonded abrasives and won’t alter the metal’s quality. To remove corrosion and rust, use the abrasive wheels.

5) Baking soda

Baking soda can be used to remove rust from gun surface. To make a thick paste, mix some baking soda and water. Let the solution sit for at least one hour before applying it to your gun. You can use steel wool or a wire brush. The solution can be wiped off your gun.

6) Lead Pencil & Oil

This method is usually only effective for small areas of surface rust removal. This is similar to the first, except that you will need a mild abrasive (the pencil lead) to remove the rust. If done gently and carefully, the surface rust can be removed and the bluing should not be affected.

Bring luster & protection to blue steeled guns

If the firearm you hope to preserve is an heirloom, we recommend you consult a professional before trying any DIY methods. If there are scrapes and signs of a lot of wear/tear on areas of your firearm, you may be unable to restore the bluing.

Ultimately, removing the rust on your gun without damaging the bluing could be a temporary fix.

To ensure rust won’t continue to “grow” on your gun, you may have to scrape off the rusted spots and re-blued your entire gun or take it to a professional gunsmith. Trying to restore the bluing on a collectible could diminish its value.

Prevention Measures against Rust

To prevent rust removal, wipe gun surface with a dry towel. Iron surface and steel oxidation are accelerated by moisture accumulation, particularly salt water.

The less chance of rust appearing on a gun surfaces that is dry, the better. You can get rid of excess water by placing unused firearms into a safe that has a desiccant.

The key to preventing rust in your arms is to keep them as dry as you can. For most arms, regular maintenance and cleaning should only be done once or twice per month.

6 methods to get rid of rusted gun without damaging!


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