Cleaning brass in ultrasonic cleaner

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There are numerous methods to clean brass casings for reloading and reusing, but in our opinion, ultrasonic cleaning in the cleaning solution is the best. It’s due to its speed and effectiveness in eliminating powder residues oxides, residues from the firing chamber, and contaminants from the surfaces both on the exterior and inside of the casings for fired shells.

Owners of rifle ranges, shooting range owners of shooting clubs, and private gun enthusiasts who refill their ammunition can quickly calculate the speed at which ultrasonic cleaners can pay for themselves, compared to the expense of buying loaded shells.

An ordinary cleaning cycle

First step

Fill the tank to half full of water. Add the proper quantity of ultrasonic cleaning solution, and continue to add water to the tank’s fill line. Place the lid on the tank and then turn on the ultrasound for around 10 minutes to help degas the solution. Degassing releases trapped air that hinders ultrasonic cleaning and should be completed every when a fresh cleaning solution is made.

For the best results in cleaning, place carefully inspected brass shell casings on the base of the cleaning basket, making sure that the solution fills the casings. Don’t overfill the basket. This can reduce the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning action and causes shells to vibrate against one other.

Second step

If you’re ready to start the ultrasound make sure the temperature is set to 50 degrees Celsius and set the clock for five minutes. The basket should be placed in the solution, lifting it, and then lowering it several times to make certain that the solution is filled with shells. Cover the tank to minimize the sound and to prevent evaporation.

Ultrasonic cleaning starts automatically after the set temperature has been achieved (it can also be activated manually). The unit’s powerful 37kHz ultrasonic frequency creates millions of tiny bubbles that explode violently against both exterior and interior shell surfaces to clean away any contaminants.

Third step

After the cycle, take the basket out and put it on the inverted lid for draining. Examine the shells, and if you are satisfied, wash them with clean water to ensure that they are completely free of any residue from the interior surfaces. Allow them to dry. After a few times, you’ll improve your cleaning process.

We are confident that you’ll find the sonic cleaning brass shell casings much faster and more satisfying when compared to the process of tumbling them into corncob, walnut, stainless steel media, polishing media, or soaking them in lemon juice.

Cleaning Solution Maintenance

After a certain period, the efficiency of cleaning will decrease and needs to be replaced. The tank should be cleaned and disposed of the waste solution as per local rules. Rinse the tank with freshwater, then allow it to be drained and dried. Don’t dry it with a towel. Prepare and degas a new batch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic definition of an ultrasonic brass cleaner?

The ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt and contaminants from the objects that have been placed in the cleaning solution. Ultrasonic sound waves reach into areas that are difficult to reach and get rid of debris that isn’t easy to clean using other methods.

What are the benefits of cleaning brass with an ultrasonic cleaner?

When using an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning brass, you won’t need to disassemble any parts. Because the solution can reach places of brass that are difficult to clean with traditional methods, it will clean every crevice.
You can clean multiple pieces at once, which is a time- and cost-savings. Every time you clean brass parts, they will shine and look new.

Can anyone use ultrasonic brass cleaners?

If you have brass items, a perfect ultrasonic cleaner is a great option to clean them. Even if good models aren’t cheap, it’s a wise investment to make, as proper cleaning expands the lifespan of brass elements.
A reliable and durable ultrasonic brass cleaner is essential for gunsmith shops. In just a few cycles, it can complete ultrasonic case cleaning and polishing of small parts and brass cases. This machine is a time-saver and a great tool for cleaning.

How long will it take for ultrasonic cleaners to clean brass?

It is not an easy question to answer as it depends on how much how dirty brass is. It all depends on how the cleaner performs and what you expect to achieve.9 out of 10 times, the ultrasonic cleaner should last between 5 and 25 minutes. For cleaning extremely corroded brass cases, it takes only 25 minutes.


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