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There was a time when the most effective method to learn outdoor abilities was to venture through the woods with nothing except a machete and a water canteen.

“Knowledge is the key to survival, the real beauty of that is that it doesn’t weigh anything.” — Ray Mears

With the plethora of outdoor sites available on the internet, you’ll find the top reviews of tools, camping gear guns, and more. The best survival blogs available also offer videos on how to put all kinds of camping gear to shelters for fallout and bunkers.

Best outdoor site

I’ve personally inspected each one of them to ensure that the blogs, forums, and others cited are online and functioning as of the date of this article. Each source is not solely about the outdoors, survival, and preparation, however, they’re all worth reading. Certain of them I check out often, and our readers recommended some of the ones.

Best outdoor blogs, shops and other sites on the Internet

So, let`s start!

1. Rei

Type: store+blog
Motto: A Life Outdoors is a Life Well Lived
Traffic (by Ahrefs): 13 000 000+\month
Articles: 1000+

REI was established in 1938 by a group of 23 climbers and a shared passion for nature, who came together to find top-quality, affordable gear to go on adventures. Today, the REI community is home to twenty million lifelong members, over 15,000 employees, and 168 locations in 39 states, as well as The District of Columbia.

They offer top-quality gear and apparel, expert guidance, and rental equipment, as well as inspiring stories of the outdoors and outdoor adventures to share on your own or with loved ones and friends.

Each year, over 70% of their annual earnings are returned to the outdoors community via dividends paid to REI members and employee profit-sharing, retirement savings, as well as investments in charitable organizations dedicated to the outdoors.

They not only write articles but really help people!

Since 2015, they have closed all of their stores during Black Friday. They offer all employees the opportunity to spend time with family and friends on the busiest holiday of the year. RAI will continue this tradition as we believe in placing purpose prior to profit.

They also have a blog with 1000+ posts! It’s mostly tips on how to choose products. The articles are well structured, and written by experts, but I would like more informative pictures. All in all, a good blog: if you need to choose goods for activities outside the home, read it.

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2. Recome

Type: Media
Motto: On a long enough time the survival rate for everyone drops to zero
Traffic (by Ahrefs): 1 400 000+\month
Articles: 92400+

We would like to ask you right away not to throw stones at us. The unpleasant moments of survival in the modern world can and should be prevented. This requires that each of us follow the news.

Because of political, economic, and social misunderstandings within individual countries or between their neighbors, there are conflicts, often military ones. So read this reputable news site to avoid survival situations.

The site notes the importance of anonymity to avoid potential persecution for expressing opinions. Although almost every other article is signed by the author…

Their mission:

“to widen the scope of financial, economic, and political information available to the professional investing public.
to skeptically examine and, where necessary, attack the flaccid institution that financial journalism has become.
to liberate oppressed knowledge.
to provide analysis uninhibited by political constraint.
to facilitate information’s unending quest for freedom”.

As we can see both in its mission and in its content, the site focuses more on issues of an economic nature. In a normal society, it is impossible to survive without money. So we encourage you to take at least 10 minutes a day to keep up with the news.

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3. Mec

MEC the main page
Type: Store+ 2 blogs
Motto: Enjoy your work
Traffic: 1 200 000
Articles: 193+

From 1971 onward, MEC has sold exceptional products at reasonable costs. They motivate and encourage people to lead an active lifestyle in the outdoors. They do this by selling outdoor equipment apparel, clothing, and services.

The MEC is very open. This is evidenced by the statement on their website: “Find a MEC spokesperson for interviews, locate specialized gear or discover the latest trends in outdoor and fitness”.

The company also organizes events to promote outdoor activities. The fee is symbolic. Read the list here.

Some nice examples of MEC blog articles.

Informational articles fall into two categories. The first is a blog with information about products, different social activities, and ways to take care of the environment. The second is expert advice for running, climbing, camping, etc.

In conclusion, the company pleasantly surprised us with their operating principles and attitude. They don’t just sell products, they try to change the world for the better. This includes quality content, organization of events, and openness.

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4. Bladehq

Type: store + blog
Motto: Knives, EDC, and Outdoor Gear – Huge Selection
Traffic: 1 100 000+\month
Articles: 1130+

This site has two types of informational content. The Uchi section has information about choosing the best knife, individual reviews and testing, anatomy, and care of the knife, etc. The blog contains descriptions of new, popular knives and their kits.

On the site, you can buy the knife in installments. You just specify this type of payment and use the knife for survival. Detailed information is here.

The FAQ section is quite detailed as well. A few dozen responses I read and gave up. They write short and to the point.

For each brand, there is information about the warranty. Of course, if you’re looking for survival knives, the warranty may not apply to such emergencies. Nevertheless, it is clearly spelled out, and that’s great.

The knife is one of the essential tools of survival. We have included one of the most trusted sites in our ranking. We hope you enjoy this resource.

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5. Outdoorlife

Outdoor life - the main page of the survival blog
Type: blog + store
Motto: The Source for Hunting and Fishing Adventure
Traffic: 1 000 000+\month
Articles: 18000+

Expert tips and detailed stories on hunting deer turkeys, waterfowl, and big-game animals. From bluegills and bass largemouth to bluefish and stripers, we cover freshwater and saltwater fishing. Find out tips, tricks, reviews of gear, and more. A lot of real photos and stories of real people.

The latest news and biggest issues around conservation, climate change, and public lands. The site writes not only about survival for a particular person but also about the survival of humanity as a whole.

There is an entire section devoted to pure here. The content is quite varied: readers’ stories, what survival products you need, human accidents, and animal deaths.

They write about the best outdoor gear, plus in-depth product reviews and recommendations for hunting, bow hunting, fishing, and camping.

They also have a small store where you can buy original posters, their brand clothes, and knives.

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6. Lifestyle Camper

Type: Camper manufacturer
Motto: Europe’s best ratio price and quality
Articles: 40+

The website of Lifestylecamper, the Ukrainian manufacturer of teardrop campers.

The teardrop camper is in a class of its own regarding versatility, affordability, and comfort. It’s the ultimate camper for people on the go.

The Lifestylecamper trailers are based on classic teardrop campers but modified and improved to meet the needs of modern people who prefer an active life. The design bureau consists of enthusiasts of caravanning, so all constructive solutions meet the real needs of travelers and are personally tested by the creators of the brand.

Lifestylecamper offers 3 several basic models of trailers:

X-Line is an off-road solution. This model is covered with durable anti-vandal Line-X protection. Independent suspension is key for an offroad camper. Axles grab rocks, roots, or other parts of the terrain. Lifestylecampers’ engineers upgraded this suspension by increasing the wheel drive to 16 cm. Company KNOTT took this improvement and assigned a personal number to it. Thus, although the KNOTT independent suspension is also used by other manufacturers of campers, X-Line has the highest cross-country ability among similar solutions. It’s very important if you travel both on high-quality roads and off-road and mountainous places.  

SteelDrop is a great option for relaxing travel between cities, countries, and festivals. SteelDrop has a classic teardrop shape, it’s compact, stylish, and a little bit retro.

SimpleDrop is a new low-cost model equipped with everything people need to travel comfortably.

Lifestylecamper provides the possibility to equip trailers so that buyers can choose the degree of comfort that suits them. So campers can be equipped with a refrigerator, heating system, gas stove, and solar panels. Filling the trailer completely depends on the wishes of the client, and the only limitation is the constructive possibility of one or another solution. In the company’s case, there were options for the implementation of campers with a built-in shower, toilet, etc.

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Best outdoor site

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