What do you need to Reload Ammo?

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If you want to know what you need to reload the ammunition then, first of all, we can say that it is a relatively simple process once you have all the elements. You will be able to reload the ammunition, regardless of whether you are a professional, an amateur or a beginner.

This procedure will require spending some money to get a set of basic items to reload your ammunition. This is the same thing that happens with other types of activities that require an initial investment. This initial investment may vary depending on the quality of each of the materials you get.

Then, let’s take a look at each of the following steps to perform effective and adequate ammunition reload.

What do you need to Reload Ammo

What do you need to Reload Ammo?

Reloading press

This item is one of which it is necessary to have to correctly reload ammunition. It is simply a device that manages to crush things.

Therefore, this device is used to press the bullet down, to press the casing against an expanding die, so that a new bullet can then be inserted, or to press the casing so that the brass returns to have its original dimensions, among many other functions.

These steps, as well as others, can also be accomplished with other types of tools. However, this reloading press allows you great versatility for the entire ammunition reloading process.

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Case cleaner

After you shoot the brass cartridge, the cases will surely be dirty. This dirt can vary depending on where you shoot. At least you will find loose dust as residue, as well as other types of dirt having been in contact with the floor.

A simple way to clean brass is to use hot water in a plastic container and a special mixture of dish detergent, vinegar, and salt. Finally, you must dry completely to recharge. You can also use a brass glass, which allows you to do a better cleaning job inside and out.

Reloading dies

You will need to screw the die into the refill press. Guns generally have a three-part dice set. The reload press will allow you to hold the case and push a die.

Simply in this step, a certain number of dies is required according to the caliber you want to reload. With the help of a holder for each of the gauges, you can use it as an insert so that your press can hold the base of the cartridge case solid.

Dispensing the powder

You will be able to carry out the recharge of each of the powder loads, corresponding to each of the handheld cartridges. However, it turns out to be an option that will take too long just to reload the first batch of ammunition.

On the other hand, having a dust meter turns out to be a suitable option, to specifically calculate the amount of dust they need for each pull of a lever. This way, you can save a lot of time in the procedure.

Powder scale

You should consider that each of the cartridges carries a specific measure of powder so, loading too much or too little each cartridge can be dangerous.

To achieve the correct measurement for each of the cartridges, you must have an electronic or mechanical scale. This way, you are sure that each cartridge has the desired amount of powder in each one.

There is a set of ammunition reloading kits on the market that include a scale. Furthermore, you can also get one separately.


It may be that the recharge kits do not include a calibrator so it would be convenient to get it separately. A caliper allows a very accurate measurement of things.

Therefore, you should be more concerned with the total length of the cartridge. You must also take into account and verify that the bullets are properly seated. It would be convenient to have a reload manual to know the exact depth to seat each of the calibers as well as the correct type of bullet.

Reloading Manual

Keep in mind that the instruction manual must always be next to any ammunition reloading. Therefore, it is one of the options that should not be missing in this procedure.

This can be compared to a kitchen recipe since if you want to get the right plate of food, you must follow each step with the best precision. Therefore, by following each of the guidelines that the recharge manual will explain to you correctly, you will be able to avoid various types of inconveniences.

Additional components

First of all, you can opt for a couple of reloading blocks. These are trays that offer you the ability to hold each of the cartridges as you go through the procedure. Some refill kits may include at least one refill block.

Getting manual barley tools can save you valuable time. Such a tool will allow you to prepare a large number of cartridges reliably and in no time.

The bullet shooter can be a useful object as it is an inertia bullet extractor, which resembles a hollow hammer. This tool will allow you to remove the bullet and the powder that has entered the cartridge, to start again if you have made a mistake in any step.

Reloading kits

Today there are several starter reloading kits on the market, which is very useful for those who are beginners in the field. However, you must pay attention to each of the elements it includes. This is because getting a reloading kit does not imply getting every item necessary for the procedure.

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Final Words

To conclude this article, we can mention that each of these steps will allow you to correctly reload ammunition. By doing each of these steps specifically, you will avoid the need to buy conventional ammunition.

This way, you will be saving a large amount of money by preparing your ammunition. Besides, this will allow you to know one of the most important topics in the world of weapons. You just need to get a refill kit, pay attention, and start to see how the results stack up.


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  1. With children, full time job and lots of on going projects, time is at a premium. As my interest in reloading grows, your channel is the only one I watch. You always get right to the point, you use plain language, you are very clear and precise in your explanation and narratives. Also the production value of your content is top shelf.
    Most guys rely on the camera microphone and have a sloppy bench. Your audio is clear and balanced making it easy for the viewer to learn as they do not have to strain to hear. A clean and organized bench makes for a great presentation because the eye naturally falls on you or the item your working with rather than the mess on the wall.

    Over all, excellent content. I truly appreciate the hard work you put into your channel!

  2. Thanks for posting this for us to learn. I’m still having a difficult time figuring out if reloading kit sets are meant for rifle vs handgun, or if they’re interchangeable? I’d like to load for both and would love to know if your setup can work with handguns too. Thanks in advance!

  3. Wow, just now subscribed. Really liked your approach to reloading and explanation of equipment required. Your organizational skills are impressive! And your “track” bench, I’m jealous. I built my own workbench and it probably will take 1000lbs per shelf (I overbuilt the heck out of it, I’m a retired mechanical engineer so know the benefits of a 2:1 or up to 4:1 safety factor). I’m just now getting into reloading pistol and rifle brass. I have an old press purchased in 91′ by my Dad so thought to update it and start knocking out completed cartridges. I put my press and an old Lyman 55 (70’s era) on 2×10 blocks and lock them with c-clamps so I can move them around for storage or for use. It works well but wow, what a setup you have. I look forward to viewing the entirety of your videos.

  4. Thanks for the great video. My question is, could you give me an approximate cost of the equipment you showcased here. All of it. I’m at the beginning g stage of getting addicted to 6.5 and .308. I’d like to get involved in reloading. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I’d be honored if you were willing to give me a contact number perhaps for a quick conversation..? I could give you mine if you wish. Respectfully

  5. Around 1k is about right to really get started and 2k before long. If you don’t shoot much and load one caliber in your gun then I would get a Lee hand loader. It’s what I started with in 1963 and still using them a lot

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