RCBS Summit Press Review: Best Entry-Level Reloading Press?

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The RCB has been started its journey over 50 years ago, and now this company is one of the most well-known brands for quality and reliable reloading presses. This reloading press is one of the best entry-level single stage reloading press, which you can get easily in the market.

So if you are Interested to know more about this reloading press in details, then you are in the right place. Hope before going to purchase a single stage reloading press; this RCBS Summit Press review will help you to make the right decision to meet your requirements.

With it’s unique and easy to handle design allows you easy and efficient reloading. And you can also reload a good amount of ammo with the highest accuracy.

So if you are new in reloading and looking for efficient reloading with good support, then this well-made single stage press could be ideal as best entry-level reloading press.

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RCBS Summit Press Review

Features of RCBS Summit Press

  • 2-Inch Diameter Ram: This sturdy press features 2-inch diameter ram for maximum support for the maximum weight during the reloading process. It also allows for easy lubrication.  The steel made ram is strong enough, and this heavy-duty ram can be helpful for beginners to complete easy reloading.
  • Handles: Different single stage reloading press provides different quality of handles. The RCBS features an ambidextrous handle so that the user can find it manageable. It is based on left-handed and right-handed usage both at a time. It is important to look for an adequate grip to make sure the user will be comfortable reloading brass.
  • Large Frame Opening: The RCB Summit Single Stage Reloading Press features an opening frame of 4.5 inches which allows you to resize and seat bullets on various types of brass. You can place the shell on the shell plate without any difficulties. The wide opening allows you putting the bullet on top very easily.

Things We Liked

  • It holds the brass in place so that it doesn’t move
  • Can be used with different dies for different ammo
  • Easy to assemble and handy to use
  • Bench-top operation
  • Complete frontal access
  • Heavy-duty 2-inches Diameter Ram

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The machine has no automatic powder reloading system. You’ve to load the powder manually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the RCBS Summit Press provide accurate reloading?

RCBS Summit single stage press features 2-inch diameter high-quality ram for maximum support. You can place the shell without any difficulties, and the sturdy construction allows you to perform all the steps with complete accuracy. Though a single stage reloading press takes much time, but RCBS summit press has a perfect structure, which allows you to use it for different ammunition.

Do RCBS Summit Press work with all types of bullets?

Not all reloading press work with all types of bullets. But RCBS Summit Press can work with a variety of bullets. Some single stage presses are made for only specific ammo, but this is very easy to use with different dies for different ammo.

Is RCBS Summit Press is considered a right single stage press for a beginner?

A single stage press like RCBS Summit Press would be the best option for the beginners. When it comes to purchasing the right single stage reloading press for you, there are many factors to consider. RCBS Summit Press includes all the features you need as a beginner.

Its quick die changing system allows a beginner for fast reloading. It also features a good priming system.

Do I need additional equipment with RCBS Summit Press?

Loading with a single stage press like RCBS summit press is a little bit slow process. So, if you want to speed up the production you can buy additional reloading manuals like the funnel, adequate charger, and primer with the RCBS summit press.

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The RCBS summit press would be the best choice for the beginners who’re looking for an affordable and quality single stage reloading press. You’ll love this incredible machine. If you follow the right process of reloading ammo and follow safety standards, then it’ll be the best option for efficient reloading.


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5 thoughts on “RCBS Summit Press Review: Best Entry-Level Reloading Press?”

  1. Using an inertial/kinetic puller on a wooden table makes the process more difficult. My reloading bench is so strong and solid that none of my friends can push it, hit it, or kick it and make anything on the table shake, yet my inertial bullet puller still requires many times more hits on this table to release a bullet than on a truly hard surface. Instead, I place an iron plate from my hydraulic press on the table or floor and hit against that. It usually takes only one good whack on the iron plate to release the bullet. All that being said, a collet puller is both safer, faster, and easier to use, and is not much more expensive. Plus, I have worn out the bullet holder in my inertia puller to where it will no longer hold smaller cartridges like the .223/5/56mm. This will never happen on a good collet puller.

  2. I have the Red, White and Blue limited edition Summit press there were only 2000 of the color combo made. This press is a beast I have the Hornady quick die changing system for it. This press is heavy duty. Only draw back to it doesn’t come with the Short handle. Gavin is right on the money with the review of this press.

  3. You still need kinetic puller no matter what other more efficient tool you have for time when bullet is pushed too deep and it happened to me more times than I would like to admit and in situation like that or wadcutter like someone mentioned below there is no other way to pull the bullet except to bang away.

  4. Fascinating design; sort of reminds me of some of the swaging presses that move the die rather than the punch. How heavy would you describe it as relative to RCBS’ standard SS offerings?

  5. Thank you for another great review. Waited for a while for you to review the RCBS Summit (I suggested this review a while so appreciate it). I personally love how this press seats bullets and how you can set it up anywhere at home or at the range quickly with the right base setup. It virtually eliminates bullet run out. The Summit also does work great with the Hornady die bushing conversion for even faster caliber switch over. I recommend buying the optional short handle because it makes seating bullets so much faster and easier and the press even more compact.

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