RCBS Rock Chucker Review 2024

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The world of reloading press is already flooded with various models such as the turret style or the capable auto-progressive style. Many of them feature the ability to install multiple dies onto the press. But this time, we will be talking about the old fashioned way of improving your reloading experience: a single press turret.

Among the many models, we will be doing an RCBS Rock Chucker Review. Despite its very simple appearance, this is a rather versatile model that a lot of people can’t part from.

RCBS Rock Chucker Review

Strengths of RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press

Now, let’s start with the amazing things the RCBS Rock Chucker can do and the solid construction of it.

  • Because it is a single press type, the manufacturer is invested in making it the best and most versatile model there is. The turret has a solid, heavy-duty steel construction which you can feel after installing it on your workbench. It is also the reason why this particular reloading press is more substantial than a typical single stage press would.
  • The ambidextrous handle allows both left and right-handed users to enjoy reloading from a comfortable position. Simply screw the handle with the nut firmly in place and you’re good to go.
  • Highly accurate and versatile – reloading magnum calibers are not easy and resizing them can take a toll on your reloading press. But that’s exactly what RCBS Rock Chucker is good at. You can resize your magnums easily without fearing it would snap just after a few pulls. Prime and decap with great accuracy.
  • Upgradeable to a progressive loader with a Piggyback.
  • Simple and easy to use – any beginner will find it easy to install and use this particular kit. It is especially formidable, so beginners wouldn’t have to worry about too many things for their first time.

But then, are there things you should be wary of when purchasing this particular model?

  • It is expensive for a single stage reloading press. This is highly due to the heavy-duty construction and the investment of being a Bushnell product. For anyone who is just looking to try and get their first reloading experience, if you are not serious about your hobby and if you are not looking to pump magnum or other big calibers, there are other good choices.
  • It is good for everything, but especially magnums, because many other designs cannot withstand the force and snaps. But if that’s not your hobby a lot of other models do a great job at a much cheaper price.
  • The short design makes it hard to fit in long cartridges with their bullets, although the newest model has it lengthened now.

What And How You Can Use It

The model allows you to install all kinds of dies as well as decap and prime your cartridges.

  • Decapping is as easy as putting your cartridge in the right shell holder and install your decapping die. The unit comes with cases (removable) on either side that stores decapped primers.
  • Priming is as easy as installing the priming arm which will swivel upward and push the primer into the seat. You can change the arms for different sizes of primers.
  • If you hate giving every die 20 turns before getting them in the right position, you can switch to a Hornady’s adapter to use its Lock N Load Bushings. This saves your time from having to set every die at the correct position.

Considerations To Make

This seems like the most perfect single stage reloading press ever, so here’s what you need to know before rushing to add this to your cart.

  • It is quite heavy compared to other reloading press. This might mean you need a sturdy workbench and be sure to lock it in place. The unit itself is designed to make it easy to have it locked in place firmly.
  • The unit does come with decapping and priming feature. However, priming with this particular press may take much longer time compared to priming on a separate tool. However, it could be the preference of some people to be able to feel it socketed into the cartridge, so it’s up to your liking.
  • This is a unit made with heavy use in mind, so if you are someone who is looking for a durable reloading press for your modern magnum bullets, you are looking at the right thing. If you are about to reload a few hundreds of rounds of pistol bullets there are probably other cheaper options to make.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it come with the primer arms?
Yes, it comes with two different primer arms that can be switched anytime. The primer arms can also be completely removed when not used.
What else do I need to purchase when I want to reload xx caliber?

This is only the turret press, so you will need to purchase the right shell holders and dies to be your reloading activity. Additionally, we suggest you look through our other reviews to find out the right tools to bundle with your reloading press.

Additionally, if you like the bushing system from Hornady Lock N Load Progressive Press, you can get the adapter to make everything easier. It also works with dies of other brands.

Where is the press made in?
This reloading press is made in the USA.

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This is a simple reloading press with not many things to be worried about. It is highly durable, solid and made to last for a long time. The cast iron used for this reloading press makes it a good press for you who need to reload magnum cartridges. Especially since it has been elongated for that purpose.

While this seems like a costly investment for a single stage reloading press, it is certainly not a wrong choice for a beginner. Even pros will love how durable and versatile this particular press can be.

Check out our other reviews for more on turret press and auto progressive reloading press as well as your other necessary tools to enhance your reloading experience!


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