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Complete caliber changeover, including primer dimension change, takes around 2 minutes and the parts for every conversion cost almost absolutely nothing. Shockingly it makes quite decent ammo. The Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit is a progressive 5-hole package that makes the reloading procedure faster and also much more effective than many other brands.

Features of Lee Loadmaster

Here is the basic information on the Lee precision loadmaster 45 Reloading Pistol Kit:

A rotating shell plate with 5 spaces
Includes full-length size, powder through expanding, and bullet seating dies
Includes powder measure, large case feeder, and a priming system
A single pull of the lever pushes the shell plate up into 5 dial spaces
Made in the USA

Loadmaster reloading press comes with the turret and everything you need to operate it, so you don’t have to think about having to spend more to purchase more parts. The only thing that you will have to purchase separately is the stand, which won’t be necessary if you have other places to mount the feeder and reloading press on.

Since Loadmaster also comes with the dials that work great with 45 pistol bullets, this kit is perfect for those of you that reload thousands of rounds of it. All you need to make sure of is that during the setup, you follow the instructions carefully and fine-tune it until it’s ready for a full round of reloading.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with 5 areas to create 5 bullets at the same time (per hour)
  • Easy to set up and also use
  • This is perfect for fast reloading
  • This package consists of most things
  • Reduced cost than similar presses from Dillon, RCBS or Hornady,
  • Detachable turrets make changing calibers quick and also simple
  • Tough structure
  • Great parts schedule
  • The stand is not consisted of
  • Initial setup instructions could have been far better.

And another Lee Loadmaster review by an experienced user:

Advantages of reloading pistol kit

The Lee Precision reloading pistol kit comes with everything you need to set it up. For veterans, it wouldn’t be hard to set it up and you can even make use of your own Lee’s powder measure installed on it if you wish to.

The main Advantage

The biggest, obvious advantage you see in this Load master kit is the speed it gives. Using this particular kit, you can have 5 bullets worked on at the same time. It starts from priming and ends with bullet crimping as the turret automatically pushes the cartridge out and another one into the priming system.

The system is flexible in that you can use all 5 dies at once, or just use three or even one. A single pull of the lever will bring all the bullets up into their respective position.


Compared to other auto-progressive reloading presses, this one has a rather smaller case feeder which is easy to manage. It is not installed way up high and holds enough cases every time. Easily swipe the tube to the next full tube once you’ve emptied it.

Progressive Reloading vs Single Stage Press

This Lee Loadmaster progressive press also functions as a single-stage reloading press, so this is a good idea for both neophytes and pros. If you want to learn how to work with your ammunition or perform volume reloading, the Lee precision loadmaster is a perfect fit.

Speed of Reloading

The greatest advantage of this Lee Precision loadmaster Autoloader is the speed of reloading. As mentioned previously, it has 5 terminals, which means five areas in a revolving shell plate that can make– five bullets at the same time.

Pro-Auto Disk powder measure

The Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading handgun kit has an additional attribute that is finest for reloading pistol situations, the Pro-Auto Disk which determines the powder that you will certainly need when reloading your coverings. Loadmaster is a popular option for most competitive shooters and also business reloaders.

The Pro-Auto Disk has a huge receptacle that can have a 1/2 extra pound of powder which is enough to reload a lot of your bullet shell plates. The layout used by Lee is made to make certain that there would be nearly no leakage for your boosted safety.

5 Hole Progressive Press Lee Loadmaster review

The Lee Precision Load Master 45 makes reloading simpler as well as much more efficient with its 5 holes progressive reloading press where its initial hole is entirely committed to depriming the shells while the second hole can be used if you wanted to make use of a pistol expanding die.

The 3rd opening is exclusively for loading the powder into the bullets where automated powder measures would certainly be advised.

With your cartridge virtually ready for use, the 4th hole is for putting the bullet as well as to see to it that your bullet passes the criteria of SAAMI’s specification, the last hole works great with kinking the bullet, and lastly ejects it to the tray ready for use.

Ease of use

The Lee Precision Load Master 45 handgun set features a complete guideline layout that will help you detailed in setting up your reloading pistol kit starting from attaching your progressive press to a tough workbench as well as utilizing screws rather than screws.

You will certainly also find a lot of help videos online on their website. This Load master reloading pistol kit has already expected all things that you will certainly need throughout the procedure, from establishing the dies that will be consumed to the completed loaded shell plates and also the tray that will catch them.

Client Reviews

On a favorable note, other individuals were very successful with their reloading set, some of them wrote, “nice tool” as well as “I am extremely delighted with the operation of journalism” as well as last but not least, “Extremely happy with it! Quick shipping and functions great”.

With all those Lee loadmaster reviews, it’s just right to say that the Lee Precision Load Master 45 Set does the job.

Setting up Lee Loadmaster

The first thing that you need to do is to read the manual initially, specifically the instructions, and after that adjust it up until your reloading press prepared to utilize. You ought to be cautious and fine-tune about establishing a Lee Loadmaster.

Here’s a video on it:

Tips For Reloading With Lee Loadmaster

Make sure that you follow the instruction or manual that comes with the LoadMaster kit. You must follow the guide as that will make sure the progressive press will work the way you want it to.

Make sure that you follow the instruction or manual that comes with the LoadMaster kit. You must follow the guide as that will make sure the progressive press will work the way you want it to.
You don’t have to use all the LoadMaster dials. You can choose to just use even one, for example, if you just want to size the cartridges.
Use visual check on the first round for every cartridge to make sure that it’s accurate and precise for all rounds later on.
You should get a different shell plate if 45 is not the bullet size that you want to reload.

Our experience

Lee Precision ships the Lee Loadmaster reloading press mainly put together. Nonetheless, much of the equipment on the progressive press needs to be changed for the cartridge that is being loaded.

Although it might just take 5 mins to obtain it out of the box and also secure it to the table, don’t plan on having high-quality cartridges until you have actually gone over the entire progressive press and also made a series of modifications. There are fantastic videos on the internet that show how to set it up generally, for certain cartridges, with factory devices, and despite having some homemade devices.


The structure of the Lee Loadmaster reloading press and also removable turret press seems substantially over-built. Time will tell just how the components that use hold up.

At concerning 2000 rounds generated so far, the only component failing has been the little dog-tag chain that pulls the arm to release the powder charge into a rifle cartridge. We changed it inaccurately (way as well limited), so the component itself can’t be blamed. We often use it for 40 s w.

Conclusion of reviews

The conclusion for our Lee Loadmaster reviews this time is that it’s a great piece of equipment to have for veterans and those with a heavy volume of the cartridge to reload (It takes a short amount of time).

It comes with everything you need, so you don’t have to buy separate items unless you want to reload different types of bullets. The operation is smooth and the equipment does not take up as much space.

It’s something you should consider as you save the time of pulling the lever 5 times if you had used a single-stage reloading press.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this worth a shot for beginners?

We certainly do not recommend beginners to get this for their first experience. It’s not that easy to set up and it’s not cheap.

Is this worth the money?

Depends on your usage, the more you use it, the more it’s worth the money.

Does this service Corbin Swaging die?

This reloading press works with different reloading dies, so of course. The only requisite is that it must have the common string dimension.

Should I pick a progressive reloading rather than a single-stage press?

It relies on your purpose. If you require to fill up a lot of rounds, after that you might require a progressive press. But if you only require a couple of in some cases, you might acquire a single-stage press.


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