Lee breech lock challenger kit review

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Lee products are always of high quality and are not inferior to competitors. This Lee breech lock challenger kit is no exception. Its main advantages are that you can get down to your tasks quickly, it’s quality and will last you a very long time. Let’s take a closer look at this product next.

Lee Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Press

Lee Precision 90588: Breech Lock Challenger
  • Has an all steel linkage with adjustable length lever
  • One Breech Lock quick change bushing also included
  • It's durable and will last for a long time
  • Country of Origin:United States

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The Frame of the Press

Although the Lee Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Press aluminum alloy construction makes it easy to use, it is still durable. It may flex more than iron, but we don’t think so.

The ‘O Frame’ Lee press channels the pressure evenly, increasing durability. It also allows for easy access to the reloader to operate the case visually. It can hold 0.905-25ACP up to 3.750″ 460 Weatherby.

Lee dies also include a quick die-changing mechanism with the breech lock die-changing device. If the die has been set correctly, the breech lock allows you to change dies in a matter of seconds.

Ambidextrous Handle

The handle attaches to a high-quality “T type” aluminum linkage. You can place it on either side of this linkage for ambidextrous. Aluminum linkage provides ample leverage for difficult tasks such as full-length rifle case size (using lee case length gauge) and neck expanding.

The Ram

This press’s ram is made from quality material. It has a stroke length of 3.5 inches. The hollow ram acts as the spent priming channel and collects all primer from the primer tube. For reloaders who prefer this, the ram can also be used to allow for on-press priming.

Major Items

This section is for items that cost more than $30 or play a major role in the reloading process.

Lee Safety Powder Scale

The base of the lee beam scale is made from aluminum alloy and plastic. This beam scale is accurate depending on the beam. Lee’s beam scale is made from tough phenolic which is brittle and won’t bend under continuous usage.

This Lee beam scale is reliable and accurate. Lee scale is easy to use and also very beginner-friendly. But it is slow, it’s like trading speed for accuracy. You can always keep one to determine if the digital scale is weighing accurately.

Perfect Powder Measure

The Lee Perfect Powder Measure is affordable, but it has high quality and accuracy. Where the beam balance decreases the speed of perfect powder measure this powder thrower picks it up and balances it out, in terms of speed and accuracy.

New Auto Primer

Lee Breech Lock Reloading Press features an on-press system. Even then, within the reloading kit, you will be sent the New Auto Primer, but the primer is not auto. It does its job well, which is to provide seat primer. For this hand priming tool, you will need a shell holder that is specially designed (included with the kit). The hand priming tool works very well. It lets you feel the primers go into the brass and judge the pressure used.

Additional Items

The Chamfering tool is very small hence you will have a harder time having a proper grip on it.
The primer pocket tool is a decent tool and performs a satisfactory job.
Sizing Lube, does its job, don’t waste it, but get a better one once finished.
Powder Funnel – like any other powder funnel.

Unique to only LEE reloading kits

Lee always included a case trimmer with a single-stage reloading kit. This reloading kit includes the Deluxe quick trim case cutter and the value trim case cutter in the 60th-anniversary reloading kit. You will need a caliber-specific quick trimming to die. Once you have it, you can mount it on your reloading press and start trimming. It’s accurate, but not as user-friendly for reloaders.

You will also receive a cutter and lock-stud. These can be used with an electric drill, or you can buy a hand. We prefer the reloading press case trimmer to the cutter and lockstud.

There is no reloading kit I know of that contains any type of case trimmer other than Lee. It is a nice edition, and you don’t have to buy a costly case trimmer if you only have a few cases.

The Reloading Kit Does Not include Essential Items

This reloading kit does not include some important items. While some items are justified, others are essential.

We have recommended Sierra 6th edition as a reloading manual.

A case-cleaning tumbler would be justified as it would increase the cost of reloading kits. It can be difficult to choose the right tumbler.

Next, you must have a caliper, digital or dial is your decision to make but in our opinion, get a digital one.

A bullet puller is a must-have item because eventually, every reloader makes mistakes.

The Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit Review in Short.

This reloading press is a great low-cost entry-level reloading kit. This kit includes most of the essential items. This reloading kit is the most affordable, but it will still produce high-quality outputs.

Kit review in summary

The Reloading Kit is cheap.
The press has a quick die change bushing system.
The spent primer removal and handling are excellent.
Includes a case trimmer that can be mounted on the press.
Lee Breech Lock Challenger Press:
  • The breech lock quick die change system 
  • Depriming channeling system
Lee Breech Lock Kit
  • Lee Resizing Lube
  • Lee Case Trimmer
  • No Reloading Block
  • Only one Breech lock quick-changing die.
  • Analogue powder measure scale
  • No reloading manual included.


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