Lee 50th anniversary reloader kit review

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Lee products are always of high quality and this 50th-anniversary reloader kit is not an exception. Its main advantages are that you can get down to your tasks quickly, it’s quality and will last you a very long time. Let’s take a closer look at this product next.

Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II
  • Includes the Lee Safety Scale which is very sensitive
  • Has a power funnel to fill the case
  • A chamfer tool camfers the insdie and outside of thecase mouth

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Features & Specifications

Affordable for the extra tools included.
Strong O-frame design to give greater hand movement space
1 Breech Lock Bushing Quick Change is included.
Lee Safety Scale for accurate measurements

The Press

Lee 50th Anniversary Reloader Kit O press

The main component of any reloading kit is most likely the press. With LEE’s 50th-anniversary reloading kit, the user gets an O press that is basic, known as the Challenger. With the brand new Breech Lock Challenger Kit, they’ve upgraded the toggle link to be much stronger.

The old toggle links can break if put under excessive pressure, the newer ones are made of steel and can stand up to more abuse. For all the new reloaders there, don’t be concerned regarding the reality that a lot of other brands have larger stronger, more powerful, and much more expensive presses that are included in the “beginner” kits.

They offer a smoother firing process however it’s not like they’ll make magical ammo. The reloads you can make using this Challenger press will be as smooth as the ones you’ve made in the past, and your initial investment in reloading is likely to be much smaller. This press should be secured by bolts or screws to an aluminum plate or a sturdy wood surface.

If you’re really in need of the ability to move, simply screw it into the bottom of the 2X4 and attach that 2X4 to the surface that you are using to load. I’ve used this method for several years of reloading and it was always an extremely solid, non-moving surface that is essential when trying to get a feel for the various reloading steps.

Strong O Frame

Lee’s O-shaped frame allows you to work with almost all cases with nearly every caliber you could think of. The large space it offers allows you to move your fingers across the space to manage each step of the reloading procedure. In comparison to other reloading presses, the one from Lee is larger than the usual opening for most hand movements, which is a neat feature.

Lee Safety Scale


Ensuring that the ammunition’s measurements are accurate is extremely crucial in the process of reloading. This Lee safety Scale is one of many tools in this 50th-anniversary kit, and it is an essential tool for all shooters. Built from tough plastic, this instrument will not break easily, and you can count on it for an extended period.

It’s built to last and the exact measurements provided are certified with the help of the United States Bureau of Standards So you’ll be assured that your shots meet the minimum requirements of powder.

The Perfect Powder Measure

The Perfect Powder Measure

The powder measure that comes with the LEE Anniversary Kit has a decent-sized hopper and can throw powder charges from the smallest pistol to the largest rifle cartridge The charges are measured within a small-sized chamber and removed with a gentle wiper before being thrown into a fairly short drop tube into the.

There have been a few comparisons between powder measures that have shown that the perfect powder measure doesn’t throw quite as consistently a powder charge as others, but it’s almost a moot point. If you require ultra-consistency be sure to weigh each charge. If not weigh each 5th or 10th, based on the amount of consistency you want.

If you’re so enthralled that you’ll weigh every charge in the end then the ideal powder measure is the same as the one which costs 10 times the price.

Safety Prime System

A bit of a pain in the back with one or two parts that can do the job however it could be replaced by something similar to Auto Prime or a different hand-held priming tool. I’m not a fan of the sheer number of steps you need to complete to prime each case, and the necessity to prepare your press to do it, and then click the primer thing.

It’s a good tool, but not as user-friendly as a hand-priming tool which you can use while watching TV after having sufficient experience using the tool and being aware of what a good primer feels like while sitting.

Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing

Lee’s Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing is among the most beneficial accessories that can be included in your reloading press. There are occasions when you’ll need a specific setting for each dies you utilize and this bushing change quickly will let you set your dies within the bushing making it simpler for you to set them up and take them out.

All in One Kit

The majority of reloading presses will come with the press, along with the other accessories available for purchase separately. But, not all novices are aware of the additional accessories they will require to start reloading. Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit is among the most adaptable reloading press as it comes with all the equipment needed.

Other Accessories

The kit includes several other accessories such as primer pocket cleaner, case mouth chamfer tool, case length cutter, powder funnel, and some sizing lube. The kit was originally supplied with a reloading manual.

However, with nearly all bullet powder, reloading, and bullet firms offering their reloading info on the internet for free I’d think LEE took it down to save money. To include for each caliber/cartridge that you’d like to reload, the following items are required:

Case length gauge
Primer, powder, cases, and bullets.

  • Very easy to set up
  • large clearance on the press’ frame design
  • Includes an easy to follow manual
  • Dies not included


Do you have better presses, automatic powder throwers, more sophisticated tools for chamfering, and even better case Lube? Sure. However, for those who are just beginning who are out there, we find it difficult to recommend anything more than this set.

At a little more than $100, you’ll get the basics needed to start reloading. It’s the basic purchase to test whether you enjoy doing it which is a good thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this reloading press work on rifles as well as pistols? What other items do I require to get started?

Yes, Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit can indeed reload firearms and pistols. You only need to purchase an additional collection of the dies. Also, you will require brass, primers as well as some powders.

What’s the most significant distinction between this kit and the challenger kit?

The challenger kit could be more affordable as it comes with hand-shelf primer as well as shell holders that could be cheaper than buying the items separately.

Are you thinking this reloading press could operate on Corbin Swaging Diets?

If your dies are of an appropriate thread, they’ll fit with this. Other brands of dies that can work with this include Redding, Lyman, RCBS, and Hornady.


If you’re new to Reloading then the Lee Precision 50th anniversary Reloading Kit is an excellent reloading press to start reloading your firearm quickly. There’s no need to purchase a lot of accessories, making it possible to start the process of reloading immediately.

The press lets you work on each step at each stage at a time, which makes it simpler to ensure that everything is within parameters and performed in the correct method.


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