How to Mount a Reloading Press on a Bench? [Tips, Tricks and More]

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You need to have a perfect and effective reloading press to perform proper ammo reloading. For a proper reloading process, you need to have a good reloading press also with a bench of perfect height. You need to put the reloading press on the bench and mount it with screws or nails.  This reloading bench will hold your reloading press tightly and give perfect support.

Why Should You Use a Reloading Bench  For Reloading?

We all want to perform a proper reloading process and want our ammunitions to be perfect. To do that we need some basic tools to have and we need to set them in proper order.  A single small screw can be crucial for the whole reloading process. So setting up all the tools in correct place and order is a key to perform better reloading.

Reloading bench

We all know that for a perfect reloading procedure, we need a good reloading press. But in this process, the importance of a good reloading bench cannot be denied.

You cannot just put your reloading press on the floor or anywhere you want. If you do not get a proper bench for the press, the press will shake and will not hold your ammo firmly. It not only provides inconvenience but also increases the chance of accidents. So a reloading bench plays a vital role in the reloading process.

How To Mount A Reloading Press On A Bench

Select a suitable place for your bench:  Your bench needs to be in a perfect place where you can work with comfort. Make sure that the room has enough light and space.  Set the table under a direct light source, where you can have direct and enough light for your work.
Mind the space of the bench: After choosing the space, measure the bench. Always keep in mind that, you should mount the press to an optimum position on the bench. You should keep open space on each side and behind the press. These spaces should be used to keep your tools, cases and components so that you can reach them easily when they are needed.
Temporarily set the press on the bench to get an idea: Set the reloading press in your desired spot on the bench and temporarily clamp it in place. Move the handle of the press in its full motion to check if there is any interference. If necessary, try to move the press out a bit from the edge of the table to ensure zero abstraction for the moving parts of the press. Don’t move it further than that, as you need all the support you can get from the bench.
Mark the mounting holes: Mark the exact spots of the mounting holes with a pencil, on the workbench. While marking the spots, clamp the press tightly so it doesn’t move. Otherwise, the exact holes can’t be marked.
Drill holes on the bench:  After marking all the necessary mounting holes loose the clamps and remove the reloading press. Now you need to drill the bench with a drill or rotary tool with a boring accessory, drill the holes at the spots which you have marked. Use the largest-diameter bolts that the holes in the press will accommodate, and drill the holes for a tight grip on the bolts.
Replace the press on the bench according to the holes: Replace the press on the bench. Make sure that the press is well set on the holes. Align the mounting holes with the holes on the bench. Now you have to clamp securely.
Tight the screw, nuts and washer: Now you need to put a flat washer on each bolt. Push them through the mounting holes in the press and the bench. Screw the bolts through with a spanner, if necessary. Put a fender washer; lock washer and hex nut, in that order at the end of each bolt where it protrudes from the bottom of the workbench. Finally, you need to tighten the nuts firmly.

Now your work is almost finished. Your reloading press is mounted on the table.

Things To Consider

Try to work on a dry run. By this dry run, you need to set up everything before actual drilling. This will ensure you to have spacious room to work. This will also lets you work without the press getting in the way.
Check if the press is mounted tightly on the table.
Make sure that the nuts are tightly screwed in their place.
The bench should be able to hold or withstand the weight of the process.
The bench should not shake while you are about to reload an ammo.
Some reloading presses comes with mounting plates, that is removable. If you have multiple presses or if you find the find too congested then you can remove the mounting plates.


For a smooth and effective reloading process, you need to mount your reloading press on the reloading bench properly. A reloading bench is an important factor for the reloading process so you should choose the bench wisely.


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