Frankford arsenal rotary tumbler review

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There are numerous occasions when it’s required to clean small quantities of dirty brass that was previously fired. This tumbler is a great choice for many reloaders. It’s going to meet your needs and everything you need. This review will help you find out.

What’s Included

The Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler lite includes everything you see above:

Base with motorized drive
Window and gasket
Instruction booklet

All you have to do to begin cleaning is a tumbling media, cleaning solution (optional) as well as the separator.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler LITE 110V (Stainless Media Tumbler) by Frankford Arsenal

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler Lite with Clear Viewing Window and Leakproof Seal for Cleaning and Polishing During Reloading
  • SPECS: 3.3L capacity is smaller and more compact allowing for the cleaning of up to 300 cases of .223 brass at a time, 110V model
  • DIMENSIONS: 12.75" L x 12.5" W x 9.5" D and weighs 7.5 lbs
  • EASE OF USE: Easy twist cap with a clear viewing window, simple ON/OFF switch and smaller size makes this the perfect tumbler for your bench
  • RELIABLE: Features a leak-proof cap design with a rubber seal to ensure a mess free clean
  • CONVENIENT: Works great with Frankford Arsenal Stainless Steel Media (1097884), Cleaning Packs (110040), and Cleaning Solution (878787) sold separately

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Amazon now offers the new Frankford Arsenal Rotary Case Tumbler Lite. Its Rotary Case Tumbler Lite includes many of the features found in the Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler, however, it is a smaller, less compact style. The Rotary Tumbler Lite can tumble around 300 .223 pieces. It is ideal for specialty cartridges as well as reloading with lower volumes.

Featuring a simple On/Off switch and a maintenance-free, direct-drive electric motor as well as a leak-proof cap that is clear and allows you to check up on the tumbling action while keeping your reloading area clean and dry.


The smooth rotary motion allows small stainless steel pins easily enter into cases and even into primer pockets to deliver unbeatable cleaning power. By the way, steel media pins can sometimes get lodged in the flash hole.

Drum and cap

The drum is lightweight and simple to remove to empty into a media separator once the cases have been cleaned. The cap is equipped with an integrated carry handle, making it simple to screw on and off, as well as making it easy to carry the drum even when it is full of brass and other media.

Specifications and Features:

Smaller, more compact design
Easy ON/OFF function
Holds up to 300 pieces of .223 brass
Works great with stainless steel pins
Leak-proof cap design
Clear viewing window in the cap
3.3L capacity

Wet Tumbling with the Rotary Tumbler Lite

Wet tumbling using this Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler Lite is easy! (not vibratory tumbler) Below are the steps (cleaning process, the options are subject to change):

The drum can be opened (screw off the lid and then remove the gasket and window)
Fill drum using brass (up to 300 223 cases to be used as a to refer to)
Pour the tumbling media into the container (we make use of stainless pins enough to completely cover brass)
Put in the cleaning solution (We are using Frankford Arsenal cleaning solution which is great)
Fill the flange with water (to the neck, below the flange)
Install the gasket and window, cap. Then tighten (doesn’t require much torque)
Place the drum in the machine, and then turn it on.
It can take 20-60 minutes (longer for restoration of the brass that has been heavily tarnished)
Take the drum out of the tumbler
Take off the cap, window, gasket
Place solution and brass in filter or media separator
Optional: Use magnets to keep pins separate

Dry brass

We prefer to keep the cap and gasket, as well as the window of the drum to ensure that it will dry inside.

To dry brass, there are a few options:

Air dry on the towel (they require to be 100% dry before loading)
Place the brass on a baking sheet, and then bake it in the oven (low temperature, around 150 degrees. F)
Place brass in the dryer for brass

If you are reloading for a hobby, as much as you are for the cost savings, then you probably don’t mind spending a little more time for a nicer result.

But you should be aware upfront that separating the stainless steel media from the brass is a little more time-consuming than with dry media To speed this up a media transfer magnet helps, as does an enclosed media separator. Having everything in water as you agitate helps the media find its way out of the brass and to the bottom of a bucket.


The Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler lite can be the best-wet tumbling tool for cleaning medium-large quantities of brass. It will be our primary cleaning tool for brass amounts that exceed 700 9mm or 300 cases.

The 223 brass we cleaned came perfectly in just under an hour. And we like the glass window that lets you see the inside of the brass. It’s super easy to check the tumbling motion (verifying that you’ve got the proper proportion of media plus water).


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