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Frankford Arsenal Press is a great press for your money to get started. Some of the main advantages are ambidextrous handling, quick die-changing system, durability, quality, and more. Let’s take a closer look at this product next.

Frankford Arsenal M-press Coaxial Reloading Press.

Frankford Arsenal M-Press Coaxial Reloading Press and Die Blocks with Heavy-Duty Design and Adjustable Alignment for Reloading
  • DIMENSIONS: 20" L x 9" W x 6. 5" D and weighs 21 lbs
  • EASE OF USE: Integral floating shell-holder plate
  • VERSATILITY: Does a lot
  • RELIABLE: Features 2 parallel guide rods for stability, spent primer catcher and the included quick-change die blocks fit standard 7/8"-14 dies
  • DURABLE: Heavy-duty, robust die-cast construction

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The single-stage reloading press has a few unique features. The LED is the most prominent feature that all reviewers will refer to. They overlook or only glance at the positive features. This article will highlight each feature and highlight its positive and negative aspects.

What’s In the Box

The Frankford Arsenal Single Stage Press comes complete with the following:

Ambidextrous Handle.
Die Case containing 2 die blocks and another installed in the press.
Micro-USB cable and Power adapter for the installed LED light.
Instruction booklet.

Specs, Facts, and Figures

Here’s the relevant information related to the new Frankford Arsenal Single Stage Press:

Frame: C-Frame
Ram diameter: 1 1/8″ (x2, dual ram- called “guide rods”)
Die retention:quick-change die blocks, floating (act as thick die rings with an irregular shape)
Die threading: 7/8″ x 14 TPI (standard)
On-press priming: none
M Press opening: 5″ (from top of shell plate to bottom of die block)
M Press width: 8 5/16″
M Press depth: 3 1/2″ (handle and linkage project slightly rear of base footprint)
M Press overall height with handle installed: 19 1/4″
Shell holders: not required (has universal shell holder which accommodates most standard cartridges up to and including 338 Lapua)
Weight: 21.35lb (press assembly without die block or power supply/cord)
M Press MSRP: $299.99 (street price will be approx $250.00)
Die blocks MSRP: $19.99 (3 die blocks with the case, street price will be approx $16.00)

Assembly and Setup

It’s quite simple:

Place the Frankford Arsenal M Press on a table – don’t mount it yet.
Attach the handle to the set screw and secure it.
Place the M press on the table sideways. Now pull the handle to measure how far below the handle. The handle should reach approximately 5.5 inches below the press’s base.
Now, mount the M press on a bench or elevated stand.

Universal Shellholder – 1st Unique Feature

A universal shell holder system is included with the M-Press Coaxial Reloading Press. This universal shell holder assembly is unique because of its distinctive features.

The shell holder on the Single Stage Press automatically grabs the case and opens it for easy and efficient access. Although it is difficult to describe with words, we will try.

The universal shell holder should be in its resting position. The cone-shaped dagger Pin pushes against the shell plates, and the shell plate remains in the open position. When a case is opened, it can be removed and rearranged.

After placing the case and pulling the Handle to lift the carriage, the pressure is released (because the dagger pin is welded to the base) and the shell holder grabs the case for operation. This grabbing motion causes the shell holder to float on X-Axis.

Shell Plates

Now, the Shell Plates. It accepts any type of case.17 Remington up to.338 Lapua Magnum. Rotating the shell plates is possible by pulling them away from the middle. This allows you to adjust the size of the case to your liking.

Cleaning is another important feature of the shell holder. This is often overlooked. If you accidentally spill gunpowder while sitting down, the projectile will slip inside the shell holder. You don’t have to worry about cleaning. All you need to do is rotate the shell holders so that any gunpowder spilled will fall into the spent primer catcher.

The LED – 2nd Unique Feature

This coaxial reloading press has a unique addition: the LED light. It is bright enough to allow for easy case operation. It will not be necessary if there is good lighting and the coaxial reloading press is placed near the light source, with the direct light shining directly on it.

Even in well-lit rooms, the LED may not be needed if your reloading coaxial reloading press is surrounded by other objects or away from the light source. You can see the difference the LED makes.

Although the LED’s push-button provides great feedback, it must always be plugged into a power outlet or battery to function properly. Frankford Arsenal provides a micro-USB cable to connect the frame’s back. It is easy to replace the LED if it fails (Electronics last a lifetime, and Frankford Arsenal was able to think of it).

The Ambidextrous Handle

The handle is an important part of any reloading new press. It is a major factor in judging a reloading press. With its incredible leverage, the handle can hold larger dies thanks to its ample opening. As the handle is threaded in, the ball on the handle can be adjusted to suit your preference.

The M-Press Coaxial Reloading Press features an ambidextrous handle that can be used to either cam-over or as a positive (or hard), stop pulling action. It takes less than two minutes to switch between the two settings. Both settings are fine for experts, but beginners should use the positive stop pulling action to protect the shell holder.

The M-Press must be mounted or raised on the side of a table to fully control the handle. Its reach is well below the base of the coaxial reloading press.

Coaxial carriage Guide

RCBS, Hornady, or Lee pushes the carriage up with the pull of the level but The M-Press pulls the carriage up, which is guided by the 2 fixed rods hence the name coaxial. The coaxial rods are the backbone of the Frankford Arsenal M Press. They hold the entire reloading press together and provide stability.

Coaxial rods made from stainless steel are immune to rust. The axials have a diameter of just over 1 inch (1 1/8” to be precise). The clearance required for case operation is 5 inches.

The Spent Primer Catcher

The spent primer’s design is simple. It fits in the frame perfectly and doesn’t look like it has been added to the frame. The spent primer is small but can hold more than 100 primers.

To eject the spent primer tray, there is a trick. First, lift the carriage from its base position and then pull the box out. The friction between the plates on either side of the tray holds the tray in place.

Bad news for people who like an on-press priming system as The M-Press is not equipped with one. But if you have tested the bench priming tool by Lee, you won’t use the on-press priming system even if you had one.

Quick Die Changing System

Frankford Arsenal, like Hornady and FOSTER & Lee, has a fast die change system called the die blocks. Die Blocks eliminate the need to use lock rings because they are thicker than normal. Die Blocks use standard 7/8” 14 — Threaded Dies.

Simply pull the die block towards you to change it. The die block is held in place by a small pressure ball. The die block is fitted with a float along the Z-axis. This float, together with the X-axis float from the shell holder, aligns the case better for case operation.

However, this float can cause the case’s mouth to rub against the die mouth sometimes. This problem can be fixed by moving the die block set screw below the pressure ball.

Frankford Arsenal M-Press Coaxial Reloading Press Review in Short.

The Reloading New M press is a great tool with many amazing features and few drawbacks. We have listed them below for a better comparison.

  • Ambidextrous handling.
  • The frame and twin guide rods are extremely durable.
  • 4.25” case operational clearance.
  • The LED LightSpent primer catcher design
  • Universal Shell holder design
  • It is simple to open and close the shell holder.
  • Die block, quick die changing system. Effectively eliminating the need for lock rings.
  • For better alignment, the X-axis and Z-axis can float.
  • The M-Press needs to be elevated or mounted at the side of the table to operate the handle.
  • Sometimes, the Case mouth may rub against the die lips.
  • Lack of on-press priming
  • It is not possible to accommodate on-press powder measures.


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