Dillon XL 650 Review [Is It Worth Your Money?]

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Reading about reloading presses may not be the most fun thing to do but sometimes it can be very interesting. Especially when it includes a product like Dillon XL 650. As there are many stages to Progressive reloading, this is going to be a comprehensive review.

If the reader has no previous idea on reloading, then they might rely on this writer’s experience. The process of the progressive press is a bit complicated and there are so many things that can easily distract the user.

Be aware that there are some cautions that must be obliged or else, things may get dangerous. Having said all these, if you are willing to buy progressive, then keep reading.

Key Features:

  • It’s a 5 Stage progressive reloader
  • It’s an auto-indexing press
  • Quick Change Kit (You have to opt for it)
Dillon XL 650 Review

Dillon XL 650 Review


The essence of the progressive press is Multiple completion of steps for every pull. Dillon XL 650 is a 5-stage reloading process, here, 5 stages means that every time you push the arm down and pull the arm back, you are completing up to 5 stages at a time.

Dillon is known for their blue presses. It is one of their signature. Dillon is highly appreciated reloading press among the efficient reloaders. It is undoubtedly a very high-quality press. And it is definitely one of the most well-known names in the shooting community, for whom a reloading press is as essential as bullets.

Features of Dillon XL 650 Progressive Press:

5-Stages Press:

5-Stages Reloading Press

The prime feature of this reloading press is 5 stages/Stations of reloading your ammo. Resizing your brass to the original shape is the first step. Meanwhile, at the same time it de-primes. The 2nd step works mainly in 2 different ways.

First, it pushes the lever, which places a new primer. Then, as you try to pull the handle, it gets the desired amount of powder. Then, following the 3rd station, this station is the powder checking station, then moves to the place where one seats the ammunition manually. It is stage no.4 in this process.The final station crimps the bullet and at the end ejects ammos to the completed bullets tray.

Auto-Indexing Press:

Auto-Indexing Reloading Press

Another feature of the Dillon XL 650 Progressive Press is its auto-indexing feature. It is a noteworthy mention that not every progressive reloading press has auto indexing since some presses still need to be manually operated to turn shell plate, in order to move on to next stages of the process.

But the Dillon XL 650 has the auto-indexing feature. From my personal use, I can say that you will have lesser contact with the machine while the reloading process is going on. The only time it will require you to perform manually is when you are about to set the ammo on the powder-filled brass. So, it is a very convenient machine.

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Quick Caliber Change Kits:

When I was about to buy a reloading press, I went for the Dillon XL 650 press. It features 2 quick caliber change kits. It comes with a case feeder that has all four case size plates (both large and small) pistol, both small and large rifle). It also has large and small primer that enables quick-change system.  It also comes with shell holders specially for 45 ACP, .308 and 5.56, and a roller handle.

I am telling you all these are because your primary purchase can create havoc and quite a lot of headache and future confusion. This writing will hopefully save you all the headache or at least lessen it.

Pros & Cons of Dillon XL 650


  • Reliable and reputed.
  • Solid, heavy-duty and well built
  • You don’t need to measure powder manually, not for each caliber
  • Reloads the popular calibers
  • Saves Time


  • Comparatively Pricy
  • Case feeder motor is not included
  • You might have to buy Extra dies

Frequently Asked Question About Dillon XL 650

Q1. After loading the press with small primers, how many times should I cycle the press before putting a case on station 1?

Ans: What you have to do is simply move the handle towards you and then raise the ram about 1-2″. Then reach in with your finger and flick the small metal piece that rotates the primer feed tray until you see primers loaded in the feed tray.

Q2. Which of the accessories are necessary to make the machine fully functional?

Ans: In my opinion, a case feeder is the first necessity to make this machine fully functional. Then a bullet feeder would be the next on the list. And yes, do not forget to use or a tall reloading bench or a strong mount. Because an Inline Fabrication Ergo Roller Handle may keep you from bending over to pull the handle all the way down.

In the end, I would like to recommend you buy a good reloading bench where you can use good lighting for better results.

Final Thoughts:

Without having an upfront knowledge of which part does what, it might be difficult for anyone to get a perfect configuration. You can buy a reloading press directly from the Dillon Precision, But I will recommend you to buy it directly from the link attached below.

Because this is a bundle of quite a few options to make your purchasing process simpler. It is the easiest way out. So, you don’t have to bother to take the hassle of ordering/buying it from somewhere else?

We can say and wisely decide, all these options will make your reloading process easy and the situation you are in will determine the options you need and the options would be nice.


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  1. That priming system is the same as the 550B
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  2. Yes Gavin, the zerk fittings were added to the late production 650’s. The upgrade is available from Dillon if you go to the 650 parts area. It sells as an upgrade kit as I recall for around $50.00.

  3. I have two 650s, one set up as small primer and the other large primer, and they both have zerk fittings. My next Dillon press will be the RL1100.

  4. Thanks for the info I had a base 650 but I’m going to go ahead and get the 750 package

  5. Primer system going back to the 550 priming system. I’ve definitely had less trouble with that type than the rotary style on my 650s,

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