Best redding t7 turret press review

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Redding T-7 turret press is a great press for you to get started. Some of the main advantages are durable cast iron build, very little standard deviation between rounds, interchangeable turret head, quality, and more. Let’s take a closer look at this product next.

Redding T7 Turret Press Review

Redding T-7 Turret Reloading Press with Smart Primer Arm - Strong Powerful Versatile Turret Press - Accepts All Standard 7/8"-14 Threaded Dies & Universal Shell Holders
  • TURRET RELOADING PRESS - Cast iron construction, powerful compound linkage and a rigid seven station turret combine to make the Redding T- 7 the best turret press ever! It combines strength, power and convenience with the speed and versatility of a turret press
  • IMPROVED DESIGN - The powerful compound linkage has over 3.8" of ram travel; A 1" diameter hollow ram was chosen with the "smart primer arm" and "spent primer collection system" borrowed from our Ultramag
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - An optional "Slide Bar Automatic Primer Feeding System" was designed for even greater versatility (not included); Built with the precision you would expect from Redding, we're confident this is the best turret press ever
  • FEATURES - Seven station turret head with operating handle; Heavy duty cast iron frame for strength and wear resistance; Powerful compound linkage with positive ram stop; Ball handle; Shellholders may be rotated to any comfortable position desired
  • SPECIFICATION - 1" diameter ram; 4-3/4" press opening; 3-13/16" ram stroke; Accepts all standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and universal shell holders; Interchangeable turret heads; Competition die compatible

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Redding T-7 turret press can be described as a large, sturdy, robust, stable, and accurate turret-based reloading press with a green press body. The 7 die stations can fulfill the majority of the operational requirements of reloaders. They can also accommodate two different calibers within the same turret head.

However, if you wish to keep the settings of your die purchasing additional turret heads is the quickest option. For my set-up, I took out the priming system and used the Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat hand primer. It speeds up the refilling process and precisely seats my primers.

We make use of this Redding reloading press to upgrade to single-stage presses and perform an operation across all of my cases before we move onto the station next and start the process. So, when we utilize my powder measure to fill the cases we only have vertical movements and no horizontal movements just like a powder measure stand.

Also, as this is high-quality reloading equipment, so you can anticipate it to cost a lot. The price is however higher than what you pay due to its precision. In some cases, accuracy is a key aspect of handloading.


Interchangeable 7 Station Turret
Accepts 7/8” -14 Threaded Dies
Positionable Universal Shell Holder
Single Primer Seating Arm
Integrated spent primer catcher
Solid ball handle


Weight 24.1 lbs
Hight 15”
Mount Base 4 1/2” wide x 4 5/16” depth
Mount Base Holes 3 1/4” wide on center x 2 7/16” on the center depth

Other items (not included)

Slide Bar Automatic Primer Feeding System
Turret Stacker

Quick Glance of Redding T-7

  • Durable cast iron build
  • Stable when the ram applies pressure
  • Very little standard deviation between rounds
  • 7-station turret head for 7 different operations
  • Interchangeable turret head – for multiple caliber shooters
  • On press priming and depriming assembly
  • Non-ambidextrous ram handle
  • Expensive
  • The press comes with a smart primer arm

Positive aspects

As you might have noticed, benefits that outweigh shortcomings. In this article, you’ll find our personal experience using Redding’s Redding T-7 Turret Press. We’ll discuss the pros and provide more details.

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Build

The frame, linkage, turret head, and many other components are constructed of tough cast iron. As you are aware, cast iron has stood up to the test of time and time. However, due to the cast iron configuration, the frame weighs a lot. It’s not like you’ll be able to move it each 30 mins.

Some might argue that the ball and spring that index get worn out with time. However, after 6 years of working with this turret, we’re not sure to agree with this assertion.

Stable on Applied Pressure

The stability is directly connected to the precision of the rounds that are made. Most of the time, we place the greatest pressure on any turret head when we use a have a full-length cartridge.

If the pressure applied from the ram causes instability to the turret head, there is a variation in round accuracy and round quality. Therefore, to stabilize the heavy turret head, they have created back support for the turret head to equalize the pressure created by the ram’s stroke.

Precision Reloading – and Standard Deviation

Precision rounds are the result of the strength and stability construction of the Redding reloading press. In 2003, Benchrester Kyle Brown used the Redding’s T-7 turret reloading press to break the 1000-yard world record. It also was the only one to have an average deviation of bullet grooves within the one-digit (4.2″) Group.

An Interchangeable Turret Head with 7 Stations.

The seven stations typically cover every step one could require to reload any kind of brass. Moving between stations is simple by using the indexing handle that has three inserting positions. The stations are made of conventional 7/8”-14 threaded-shaped dies and universal shell holder.

If you’re just one type of shooter then you’re good to go. To be honest it’s extremely difficult for shooters to locate those who enjoy reloading and own only one type of gun.

Therefore, team redding designed the interchangeable turret heads that are suitable for those who load different types of ammunition with their reloading press. They also made the switch between the extra turret heads simple. Since nobody likes excessive hassles.

Press Ram Stroke

The stroke of the ram is 3.4 inches (or 86.36mm) which is tiny as compared to other turret reloading presses. However, we had no issues with reloading my 5.56 cases, and the majority of modern rifle cartridges will be able to handle it without issue.

You should however verify whether you’re using one of the kinds of caliber, and, if in doubt, whether it is reloadable using Redding T7.

Priming and Depriming

Depriming is completely efficient and can collect all spent primer in a tubular primer configuration and which can be cleaned as needed. Installing the depriming device is straightforward and the directions are easy to follow.

Redding T7 turret press comes with a smart primer arm that allows on-priming. Although this makes priming lengthy and difficult, it is also easier to work with primers with bare hands. However, it’s included.

Negative Impressions

Redding T7 is an amazing press, however, it has several flaws, which could be a problem for some reloaders while others might miss.

Non-Ambidextrous handle

This is a big issue for lefty reloaders since the handle is not ambidextrous. But the handle is ergonomic to hold because the ball fits perfectly in the palm and the 14″ handle makes it effortless to size the brass cases.


Redding T7 is the 2nd highest-priced turret press on the market. While it’s costly but it makes up in terms of the quality of the rounds manufactured and the precision of the reloading process.

On-Press Priming System – Indexing Handle

Its Smart Priming Arm is kind of a thing of the past when it comes to turret presses. However, the T7 still has it. It is good news that it is possible to upgrade the Imperial Redding Slide Bar Auto Primer Feeder is on the market and will greatly increase the speed at which it reloads. But this priming setup needs to be bought separately and adds to the already expensive turret press.

However, if you install an Imperial Redding Slide Bar Primer Feeder Automatic it can get in the way of the handle for indexing. This is a minor issue, however, you could always use a hand or bench primer. In my opinion, the use of a hand primer that is portable is more effective than one that is confined to the desk.

Primer seating

Users might have problems acquiring uniform primer seating due to the tight pockets for the primer even if the system is straightforward. Furthermore, the slide bar’s end was a tad too extended and this hinders the primer ram cup from falling into line with the shell holder holes.

Setting up the Redding T7

Set up of the press is straightforward since it’s all set in the box that it was delivered to. The only thing you’ll need is to attach the handle. Then, you can mount it on a table or an appropriate mount using 4 5/16” screws in a separate. The set-up time is about 20 minutes if you have all the supplies you require.


Always be cautious with the positioning of the turret head. it’s extremely durable, however, it is susceptible to scratches and cutting. Be careful not to drop it from a height.
The locking nut for the handle is under the toggle but is not the same as the normal.
If you have multiple turret heads then always be careful not to change the turret head bushing, because the bushings are specific to the turret heads for their accuracy.


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