Basic Reloading Safety Rules for Newbies [Step-By-Set Guide]

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Some people have a fascination for target shooting or hunting. These fellas are very passionate about guns and ammunitions. Some people enjoy cleaning and working with their guns/ ammunition. They try to be innovative with their guns and ammunition.

Target shooters or hunters prefer more accurate and effective ammunition. As they are so interested in making their ammunition accurate, they tend to upgrade their guns/ammunitions. That’s why they think about more accurate guns/ or ammunitions. But more accurate bullets/ammunitions requires a great deal of cost, as the ammunitions are very costly.

To save shooters/hunters from the extra cost, the reloading process can be a good solution. In the reloading process,  a shooter can reuse his fired ammunition cases again. The reloading process not only allows a shooter to reuse his ammo but also prevents wastage of cartridge and money.

Basic Reloading Safety Rules for Newbies

Here in this process, a reloading press is being used.  You can make new ammunition with your reused case by a reloading press.  Some people enjoy making their own ammunition by reloading press.  But this hobby also comes with some risks. That’s why everyone should have to have certain safety measures while using a reloading press. A new reloader or a person who is not so familiar with the reloading press should have to be careful while using a reloading press.

There are some certain safety measures you should follow while reloading. These safety measures are compulsory for the sake of your own safety. You need to follow them accordingly. Here in this article we are going to discuss about basic reloading Safety rules for newbies reloading your ammunition.

Basic Reloading Safety Rules for Newbies

Know What You Are Doing

Know What You Are DoingFirst things first, you need to have a clear concept of the reloading process. A newbie has to have a thorough knowledge of the reloading process, if he hasn’t he should learn first. A clear idea of the process ensures a newbie’s cautiousness and full attention. this cautiousness will reduce the risk of getting injured by the reloading process.

When you have good knowledge of the reloading process it will make you confident enough to finish the process properly. So first of all try to know the Common Reloading Mistakes and how You should you can avoid.

[Note: If you are new in reloading then try to avoid using heavy reloading presses like turret and progressive and go for a single stage reloading press]

Always Protect Your Eyes

Always Protect Your EyesWhen it comes to safety issues you can not afford to be casual. The reloading process is a dangerous process. This process exposes you to many hazardous materials. Thus, you have to maintain your own protection. You must protect your eyes.  To protect your eyes from any accident as a newbie, you must wear safety glasses.

Primers are very inflammable by nature and can explode anytime. To prevent your eyes from any kind of unwanted explosion or accident always use safety glasses. In the reloading process safety glasses with side shields are very effective.

Keep Primers Away From Any Flammable Source

Never forget to keep your primers and powders away from any flammable sources. You should keep them away from fire, electric power cables, firecrackers. Also never smoke in the reloading area.

Cannister tubes are very dangerous as well. If you drop it on the floor it can explode. So be careful while handling canister tubes. Never fill tubes with excessive pressure.

Usage of Reloading Scales

Usage of Reloading ScalesReloading scales are of great use in the reloading process. These scales are being used to measure bullets, cases and powder. An accurate scale will let you know the exact amount of powder to be inserted into each round.  And that’s why a reloader should have to have a perfect reloading scale. There are some basic facts to follow when weighing sessions in the reloading process. They are as follows.

  • You always need to weigh on a proper scale. The reloading process can not be done with a general or postage scale. This process can be done with only a reloading scale. So avoid using any general scale while reloading.
  • When you are about to weigh powder, never forget to verify the zero mark of your scale. You need to calibrate properly. For that reason, you need to wipe out any dust from the scale and verify the zero mark.
  • Learn about the scale properly before working with the reloading scale.

Always Give Attention To The Instruction Manual

Always Give Attention To The Instruction ManualA newbie reloader always has to keep in mind that h/she should carefully read and follow the instruction manual. Before setting up the reloading press and working with it, a newbie should go through the manual. After that h/she should follow exact instructions for his/her own safety.

The reloading process is a great deal of fun for the people who have a passion for guns and ammo. But you should carefully do the whole reloading process. Always check the case and primer otherwise, it can cause you serious injury. It also can harm people around it. So you must read this basic reloading safety rules for newbies again and again.


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