Ammomaster 2 Single Stage Press Review

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The AmmoMaster 2 single-stage press is a high-quality reloading press designed for serious reloaders. It has been improved with longer support columns and a larger toggle block, making it even more durable and sturdy. With the ability to use standard 7/8-inch-14 thread dies and standard shell holders, this press can handle most any pistol or rifle caliber.

Feedback from a reloading expert: “I have been using the older model of this press since my teenage years, which was a gift from my mother. Even after 20 years, it’s still in excellent condition and functions just as well as it did when I first received it. I have reloaded thousands of rounds of different calibers, including up to 416 Rigby, without encountering any issues. I highly recommend this press and would rate it 10 stars if I could.”

By me (Hans Wimberly)

Main features

Frame MaterialCast AluminumPress TypeSingle Stage
Priming FeatureYes, the ram prime unit, includedHandle LocationBottom Right Hand
Number of Mounting Holes3Spent Primer Collection SystemYes
Die Size Accepted1-1/2″-12 without Bushing, 7/8″-14 with BushingDie Bushing AcceptedNo
Mounting Hardware IncludedNoRam Stroke6.75 Inches
Ram Diameter1 InchFrame Offset0 Degrees
Country of OriginUSAUpgrade?Can be upgraded to work with 1-1/2″ 50BMG die kit

Important! Warranty – 2 years.

Ability to Load .50 BMG Cartridge

What sets the AmmoMaster 2 apart is its ability to load the massive .50 BMG cartridge. With the addition of the .50 BMG 1-1/2-inch Die Kit (88705) [, this press can reload from .25 ACP to .50 BMG. It features long support columns and a massive 1″ solid steel Ram to provide the strength needed to handle the large cartridge.

I have this press for about 1 year and has work perfectly. I load 300WM,.338 LM and 375CT and have no issues. With the ability to load long cases with easy access this press makes reloading easy.

By Long time loader.

Kits for Original AmmoMaster Owners

For original AmmoMaster owners wishing to load .50 BMG, two kits are necessary. The .50 BMG 1 1/2-inch Press Conversion Kit and the .50 BMG 1 1/2-inch Die Kit. Please note that product number 292459 is required, and all of the 50 BMG accessories are not included and are sold separately.

The AmmoMaster 2 single-stage press is a versatile and durable reloading press that can handle a wide range of calibers, including the massive .50 BMG cartridge. Its improved features and long support columns make it a top choice for serious reloaders.

I bought this press and accidentally dropped the handle assembly on a concrete floor, causing the ball at the end of the handle to break. However, RCBS’s customer service was outstanding, as they promptly replaced the broken part and shipped it to me at no charge. I was impressed!

Be our reader Jim

AmmoMaster 2 vs Lyman Brass Smith Victory vs Redding 700 Ultramag vs Redding T-7

RCBS AmmoMaster 2 Single Stage PressLyman Brass Smith Victory Single Stage Press Reloading KitRedding 700 Ultramag Single Stage PressRedding T-7 Turret Press
Frame MaterialCast AluminumCast IronCast Iron and SteelCast Iron
Press TypeSingle StageSingle StageSingle StageTurret Press
Priming featureYesYesYesYes
Handle LocationBottom Right HandAmbidextrousBottom Right HandBottom Right Hand
Number of Mounting Holes3344
Spent Primer Collection SystemYesYesYesYes
Die Size Accepted1-1/2″-12 without Bushing, 7/8″-14 with BushingStandard 7/8″-14 Threaded Dies1-1/4″-12 without Bushing, 7/8″-14 with BushingStandard 7/8″-14 Threaded Dies
Die Bushing AcceptedNoNoNoNo
Mounting Hardware IncludedNoNoNoNo
Ram Stroke6.75 Inches4.13 Inches3.81 Inches
Ram Diameter1.000 Inches1.000 Inches1.000 Inches
Frame Offset0 Degrees0 Degrees0 Degrees
Features RCBS AmmoMaster 2 vs Lyman Brass Smith Victory vs Redding 700 Ultramag vs Redding T-7

Warning: This product contains Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


My experience

As a gun reloader, I have found that resizing cases for calibers such as 30-06, 308, and 300 win mag using the RCBS AmmoMaster 2 press is easy and efficient. The press is designed to make it easy to get the case in and out, and it does a good job of resizing the cases.

However, I did have a stuck case once, but it was my fault for not being careful. I found that the press easily pressed in and pulled the shell holder off the rim. For priming, I use RCBS primer dies and once set for a particular caliber case, I mark it as done.

Although priming one at a time can be tedious, I know that the primer will always be seated at the same depth. I do not use this press for seating bullets, as I prefer to use an old press for that purpose.

If you are looking to reload 50BMG cartridges, then the RCBS AmmoMaster 2 press is the best option, as it has the necessary strength and features to handle such large cartridges. However, if you are not planning to reload 50BMG, then the Redding T-7 would be a better option.


  • Ability to reload a wide range of calibers, from .25acp to .50BMG, making it versatile.
  • Reliable and durable, with some users having owned it for 30 years and still finding it the best single stage press they have used.
  • Provides ease of use and consistent results.


  • The hole in the ram for the primer catch can sometimes be a bit difficult to work with, but this is a relatively minor issue overall.
  • It may not be the best option for those who do not plan on reloading the .50BMG round, as the Rock Chucker press may suffice.


Did the product include a ram priming tool?

I believe it did, but I haven’t used it. I prefer to use a hand priming tool as I can feel the primer seating better. Additionally, the press has a lot of leverage, and I wouldn’t want to add another step to the process by using the long arm for priming separately.


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